Unveiling Spotify’s New Fraud Penalty20240206134911

Unveiling Spotify’s New Fraud Penalty

6. February 2024
Unveiling Spotify's New Fraud Penalty and Royalties Revamp We bring you the latest developments from the world of music streaming, with a spotlight on Spotify's upcoming compensation overhaul and its innovative approach to tackling artificial plays. If you haven't heard about this, stay tuned because it might significantly affect how Spotify will pay you in the future.Driven by the ease of music r...
X-Mas Delivery Deadlines20231025163406

X-Mas Delivery Deadlines

25. October 2023
X-Mas Delivery DeadlinesChristmas season '23 is approaching fast. In order to make sure that your upcoming releases will be available in time, please note the following delivery deadlines at some of our store partners:Release DateDelivery DeadlineNovember 24, 2023–>November 17, 2023December 1, 2023–>November 24, 2023December 8, 2023–>December 1, 2023December 15, 2023–>December 8, 2023December 22, ...
Spotify Discovery Mode20231020124501

Spotify Discovery Mode

20. October 2023
Spotify Discovery ModeImportant Update on the Deadline for NovemberThis is just a quick update on the November deadline for submitting your songs to Spotify's Discovery Mode. If you don't use Discovery Mode, you can disregard this email or inform yourself on what it is below.Change of Discovery Mode Deadline in NovemberUnfortunately, Spotify has changed the deadline for Discovery Mode in November ...
Custom Release Times, ISNI and more20230831165817

Custom Release Times, ISNI and more

31. August 2023
Apart from sunshine and good vibes, this summer brought with it a number of updates that we would like to share with you today!In this edition, we're diving headfirst into two game-changing advancements that are creating waves of excitement among music enthusiasts, creators, and industry professionals alike. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of custom release times and the integration of...
Upload Optimization + Contributor Mgmt Expansion20230607121208

Upload Optimization + Contributor Mgmt Expansion

7. June 2023
New in the MESUpload Optimization + Contributor Mgmt ExpansionWe hear you! We take customer feedback very seriously and have been working on making uploads via our Music Enterprise Software easier and more intuitive. In order to save our users time and effort while entering metadata, we have changed the order of the tabs “audio import”, “track data” and “product data” and removed the tab “upload”....
Funding Program for Creators on TikTok and AI Music20230516142352

Funding Program for Creators on TikTok and AI Music

16. May 2023
New Funding Program for Creators on TikTokTikTok is working on an improved tool to reward successful creators on their platform. The TikTok Creativity Program is currently in Beta and only available in the United States. It is supposed to replace the current payment model called the Creator Fund. You can find more info here.AI Music: The Future or a Passing Phase?You have probably already heard it...
Get your next release hyped up by Beatport!20230516141220

Get your next release hyped up by Beatport!

16. May 2023
Beatport Hype is a monthly subscription service that serves as an additional promotional platform for smaller artists and labels on Beatport that focus on Electronic music. Hype enables you to grow your label and maximize exposure outside of the main Beatport genre charts and the dominance of more established labels.What are your benefits?Homepage Feature OpportunitiesSelect Hype releases curated ...
Meet us at MusicBiz 2023 in Nashville!20230516133003

Meet us at MusicBiz 2023 in Nashville!

16. May 2023
For more than six decades, the Music Biz Conference has been the point of origin for inspiration and collaboration in the music business. Rebeat Digital is an official partner of the Music Business Association and we're there to network, grab a coffee and have a chat with anyone who wants to meet us in person!Let us know if you want to meet via email or send us a DM to our Instagram!...
Your Music Will Now Be Delivered To Jaxsta!20230516132611

Your Music Will Now Be Delivered To Jaxsta!

16. May 2023
Jaxsta is the newest store in the ranks of our long list of stores that we deliver your music to. Find out why this store is important!Credit where credit’s dueEver wondered who wrote the lyrics to a particular song or composed its music? This invaluable information points to the contributions of every one involved in the creation of a music piece.In these modern times, music streaming has become ...
Check your royalty statements with Legitary20230413122122

Check your royalty statements with Legitary

13. April 2023
New in the MES:Check your royalty statements with LegitaryHow can you be sure that you receive the right amount of streaming revenues from DSPs like Spotify, Deezer, Apple or even your distributor?Introducing Legitary: A service that brings transparency to your music data and streams.We at Rebeat Digital have worked together with Legitary to bring their service into the Music Enterprise Software s...