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“A sound experience you can feel all around you.”

We are a Professional Partner of Dolby and were one of the first music distributors with the possibility to provide music in Dolby Atmos to the DSPs. Discover the possibilities for this new format and increase your market potential. Create a unique sound experience and engage your fans at no additional cost for Dolby Atmos distribution. Read more here.

Our Dolby Atmos Music Studio

Our state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos music studio at Rebeat Digital headquarters, designed with the expertise of Vicoustic – Innovative Acoustic Solutions, sets a new standard in music production. This cutting-edge facility allows us to provide an incredibly immersive listening experience and ensures that your Dolby Atmos recordings are reviewed with stunning clarity and precision. Delve into the future of music production at Rebeat Digital!

Maximize Your Royalties with Dolby Atmos on Apple Music

Apple Music is leading the way in supporting innovative audio experiences by offering higher royalties for Dolby Atmos recordings. This incentive provides a fantastic opportunity for artists and labels to not only enhance the quality of their music but also to see greater financial returns from their streams. By embracing Dolby Atmos, you can deliver an unparalleled listening experience to your audience while benefiting from increased streaming revenue.

Change of distribution

You are looking for a new distributor for your music? Did your current music distributor close down, did the conditions change or are you just curious and looking for a new partner? Sometimes even the best relationship falls apart and it’s time for a change of scenery. Since 2006, Rebeat has been an independent and reliable partner that customers trust in digital music distribution. This independence allows us to react quickly to the needs of our customers and over the years, useful tools such as Label Accounting and Distribution Matrix Pro have been created.

Benefit from our experience when switching from another distributor to Rebeat Digital. We support you in importing your data into our software and in delivering your products to the DSPs.

Apple Music Album Motion

With Album Motion, Apple Music offers artists the ability to present fans with a moving version of their album artwork. Album Motion artwork is displayed in Apple Music on the album page on iPhone, iPad and Mac, as well as on Smart TVs.

Album Motion Artwork can also be displayed on the “Listen Now” tab, which is based on the user’s music preferences. However, only delicate movements of the artwork are allowed here. If you want to create an Album Motion with fast movements and high dynamics, follow the “Listen Now” guidelines and create a separate Album Motion for “Listen Now” if necessary.

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