Spotify Discovery Mode

Spotify Discovery Mode

Important Update on the Deadline for November

This is just a quick update on the November deadline for submitting your songs to Spotify’s Discovery Mode. If you don’t use Discovery Mode, you can disregard this email or inform yourself on what it is below.

Change of Discovery Mode Deadline in November

Unfortunately, Spotify has changed the deadline for Discovery Mode in November at the very last minute. Instead of October 19th, please make sure to edit the Excel file you received until October 16th at the latest, if you want your tracks to participate in Discovery Mode in November.

Spotify Discovery Mode - What is it?

If you haven’t heard about Discovery Mode yet, make sure to catch up on what the fuss is about in the following lines!

We all know the road to successful music promotion and building your career as an artists is an arduous one. With Discovery Mode, Spotify again paves a new way to help artists in song discovery, more reach, and taking full advantage of their algorithmic radio and autoplay features. After activating this new feature for select songs, Spotify observed

  • an average 50% increase in saves 
  • 44% increase in user playlist saves
  • and 37% increase in follows

How does it work?

Personalized recommendations in Spotify’s radio or autoplay were always left up for the algorithm to decide what fits best to the listener’s profile. With Discovery Mode, artists or labels now have the choice to prefer a specific track over others to be played in radio or autoplay. Thus, if you think a specific track is more successful than another, select the songs, lean back and let the algorithm do the rest. This is not magic, however, so if listeners don’t like your song, there will be no interactions with your track.

But you are in control: If you see that a specific song is not working, maybe try a different song.

The most important thing is: You as the artist or the label of an artist know better which song tickles the listeners’ ear drums best (in a comfortable way of course).

What can I use it for?

Spotify built several case studies around this new feature to show that Discovery Mode can help your career as an artists in different situations:

  • When preparing for a new release, you can turn on Discovery Mode to remind fans of your best tracks and then focus their attention on the new release.
  • With Discovery Mode you can support a song that surprises you with going viral or trending in order to broaden its reach even further.
  • Turn on Discovery Mode if you want to reinvigorate your back catalog of songs, maybe because of a reunion tour or a new compilation, etc.
  • When celebrating a milestone, Discovery Mode can be used to remind fans of which songs they fell in love with at the start of your career and to draw in new listeners as well.

Only available via Rebeat in certain countries

Currently Spotify hasn’t made Discovery Mode available to use in every country’s Spotify for Artists. However, you are able to switch on the songs you select via an Excel Sheet that we send out to all customers whose songs meet the requirements to be used in Discovery Mode.

When exactly they will give access to Discovery Mode in your Spotify for Artists is currently not known but we will make sure to let you know when!

What are the costs?

When you switch on Discovery Mode for a specific song, you give Spotify permission to subtract a 30% commission of the recording royalties gained through your song’s streams in radio or autoplay. Normal streams are not included, so if a new fan saved your song to their playlist or is listening from your profile, the full amount of streaming royalties will be paid out to you as usual.