Your Music Will Now Be Delivered To Jaxsta!

Jaxsta is the newest store in the ranks of our long list of stores that we deliver your music to. Find out why this store is important!

Credit where credit’s due

Ever wondered who wrote the lyrics to a particular song or composed its music? This invaluable information points to the contributions of every one involved in the creation of a music piece.

In these modern times, music streaming has become the number one go-to method for people to consume their music. Oftentimes, there is no CD booklet or vinyl record jacket to flip open in order to find a list of credits. Jaxsta steps in to help with the largest online database for music credits!

The process of finding music credits is now easier than ever before: A free web platform guarantees a look into various recording, songwriting and production credits, in addition to the album artwork. Track links to Spotify and Apple Music are included as well.

Furthermore, Jaxsta Pro, a paid subscription service, will provide subscribers with additional third-party sourced information and data sets including worldwide music chart information, festival and conference dates, and market insights, reports and publisher/label details.

You also don’t need to worry about the correctness of the music credits:
All information will be subsumed in a comprehensible data base collected from trusted sources such as record labels, publishers, distributors and others.


What’s in it for me?

Jaxsta ensures that all music credits can be accessed easily. This will guarantee that your songs will always be accredited correctly. These credits also work as an official résumé or CV for you as all your works will be conveniently accessible under your profile. Your various contributions in different music pieces can be traced back to you so that people who are interested in your works can find even more of them in a matter of seconds.
We from Rebeat Digital have now connected with Jaxsta to open this opportunity for you and deliver your entire music catalog. Your back catalog will be delivered absolutely for free and Jaxsta is included in the list of stores and DSPs for all your future releases.

If you don’t want your back catalog delivered to Jaxsta, no problem! Just contact us before the 29th of May and we’ll arrange it.