Your ad on Spotify

Would you like to place an audio or video ad on Spotify? No problem! Just tell us your budget and we’ll do the rest.

Professional voice over

Don’t have a voice-over for your audio ads yet? Simply have it recorded by Spotify’s professional voice-over artists – at no extra cost. A high-quality background track is also included for free!

Define your target group

Your ad can be targeted to specific listeners: Whether it’s age, location or specific contexts like “workout” or “cooking” – you decide the appropriate target for your music. Contact us and we’ll give you all the info you need! You are also welcome to take a look at the Audio Creative Guidelines from Spotify.

Run a Marquee campaign for your new release on Spotify!

Spotify Marquee is an advertising format that suggests your new release to your listeners. With a pop-up, your listeners are informed that there is new music from you. When they tap on the ad, they go directly to the page of your new release.

Book your campaign with us

If you have a new release coming out, you can push it with Marquee by booking a campaign.

For now, Marquee campaigns can only be booked in the United States by artists and labels themselves. For the European region, we can help you get in touch with Spotify to promote your release here or in other available countries.

These are the general requirements:

At least 1000 followers on Spotify OR
More than 5,000 streams in the last 28 days.


Additionally, Spotify has their own process to decide if you are eligible for a Marquee campaign. You can find more info here:

Contact us and we will send a free request to Spotify!