At Rebeat, personal support and customer satisfaction are top priorities.

Our support

Occasionally it can happen that not everything runs smoothly, our customers appreciate the customer service hotline in German and English, which always strives to provide quick assistance.

Office hours

Monday-Thursday 09:00-15:00
and Friday 09:00-13:00

Central European Time (CEST)

Phone number
0043 2272 61892-0

The office is closed on the following holidays:

04/01/2024 (Monday)

05/01/2024 (Wednesday)

05/09/2024 (Thursday)

05/20/2024 (Monday)

05/30/2024 (Thursday)

08/15/2024 (Thursday)

11/01/2024 (Friday)

12/24/2024 (Tuesday)

12/25/2024 (Wednesday)

12/26/2024 (Thursday)

12/31//2024 (Tuesday)

01/01/2025 (Wednesday)

Service inquiry

You can use this form for your support request. If you have problems with products/tracks/videos, please enter the respective EAN/ISRC/URL. Then we can help you better and faster.


Support Form

A detailed description of all functions of our MES can be found in the manual. There is also a FAQ below with answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Here you can find all downloads: YouTube tutorials, manuals, sample contracts, etc.

Do you have questions about Rebeat Digital, the digital music distribution or the DSPs? Click here to go to the FAQ section.