Make your music available for download and streaming worldwide.

It’s never been easier to make your music available to everyone in the global world of music DSPs. Offer your music for download and streaming worldwide to the leading DSPs and earn money in the process. Choose which countries and DSPs your music should be made available to in our distribution matrix. Upload your art works comfortably in our software and use the time until the chosen release date for promotion. We will do the rest!


Lade deine eigene Musik bei Apple Music hoch. Lade deine eigene Musik bei Spotify hoch. Lade deine eigene Musik bei Amazon Music hoch. Lade deine eigene Musik bei Deezer hoch. Lade deine eigene Musik bei Tidal hoch. Lade deine eigene Musik bei iTunes hoch.

Whenever we add a new store to our distribution list, we will inform you and your music will be delivered to it automatically. Of course you also have the possibility to exclude your music from a new store before delivery.

Label Accounting

The Label Accounting module has been specially developed for organizations such as labels and management companies that have a large number of contractors for whom fast and correct accounting is required. As this module is integrated with our MES you have two functions in one system. There is no need for a separate import, so you don’t have to prepare the data for another system and at the same time you benefit from faster processes and fewer sources of error. When creating the module, we made sure that you are completely flexible when creating contracts. The revenue shares can be configured individually for each track, each store and each country.

In addition, with the cost accounting we offer the possibility to assign the revenues and expenses to a cost center and to define a cost distribution between the contract partners.

In the MES, a custom statement template with logo and custom text can be created. Rebeat does not appear on the statements to the artists.

If you link your mail account to the MES, you can send the reports directly and automatically to your artists. Optionally you can also generate a telebanking file.

Flexible data management with our add-on modules

Matrix PRO

With Matrix PRO you have the possibility to manage the metadata of your products in our software and can individually supply music DSPs with which you have your own contracts, as well as any number of digital distributors with whom you also work together. The generated revenues will be billed directly from the DSP or digital distributor to you or your label.

Revenue Import

Import revenues from physical records, ticket sales and merchandise with the “Revenue Import” module.  Get an overview of overall profitability and create a consolidated statement of all revenue sources for your artists.


Create statements and reports for sub-labels and their artists and account for revenues directly with the “Sub-Accounting” module.


Synchronize your sales data with your own MS-SQL database with the “SalesSync” module.


We provide you with daily sales figures from Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and more. With just a few clicks, you can see which track is successful on which platform and in which country. As soon as we receive the monthly reports from the DSPs, we make them available for data analysis as well. With a variety of filters, you can display a detailed analysis of your sales in charts or simply export it as an Excel table.

We are a certified YouTube partner and monetize your content using YouTube Content ID

With advertising in YouTube videos you can easily and effectively generate revenue with your music. And it’s completely automatic!

We send an audio reference of your music to YouTube’s Content ID system. This allows YouTube to automatically identify content, generate advertising revenue for you, and bill you through us.

Through Content ID, YouTube recognizes when your music is used in videos.

Learn more in our guides about YouTube.

Fingerprinting & Smartlinks

Share your music on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and monetize your tracks with the built-in fingerprint system to earn money.

We send your music to Shazam to be recognized and shared by new listeners.

Automatically receive smartlinks for each of your releases and share your music on the different DSPs with a single link.


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