Better quality for successful releases20181120152718

Better quality for successful releases

20. November 2018
Digital music services need correct and complete metadata, otherwise releases may be delayed or even rejected. Our new quality management makes it easier for labels and artists to meet the requirements of music platforms to release successfully.Input errors such as incorrect product information, formatting, or special characters cause streaming and download platforms to deny publishing of tracks.S...
Distribute your music on Facebook20181031150020

Distribute your music on Facebook

31. October 2018
Two billion Facebook users can soon use your music for their own videos, pictures and clips. We struck a deal with Facebook that allows you to offer your music on the biggest social network and thus earn additional royalties.How does your music become a soundtrack?Users of FB stories and news who upload their own videos and photos can click on a music icon. They can choose genre, a song or even a ...
Top promotion for new Waldeck album20181022093151

Top promotion for new Waldeck album

22. October 2018
Klaus Waldeck, one of the founders of the "Viennese Electronic Music", is currently successful with downtempi and swing music. His latest album "Atlantic Ballroom" features 14 new compositions that are inspired by Blues and the "Great American Songbook". The music is a reference to the 1920s, where jazz musicians traveled from the US to Europa and influenced heavily the scene in Paris. On stage Wa...
HD Vinyl at Making Vinyl 201820180917111806

HD Vinyl at Making Vinyl 2018

17. September 2018
The vinyl industry event “Making Vinyl” is taking place from 1 to 2 October 2018 in Detroit, US. Almost 300 label managers, manufacturers, artists and journalists are expected. This years keynote speaker is Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Steven Van Zandt, also known from the TV series “The Sopranos”. HD Vinyl arrives – 1 […]...
HD Vinyl receives $1.9 million funding20180914105430

HD Vinyl receives $1.9 million funding

14. September 2018
After an initial $4.8 million investment, we secured another $1.9 million in Series A fundings by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).  The funds will fuel development of a special software that transforms digital audio files into a 3D topography which can be engraved with laser on a ceramic stamper. Also two scientists will join our R&D department and collaborate with industry partne...
Fraud Detection Software20180807125444

Fraud Detection Software

7. August 2018
Labels and artists have to trust stores when it comes to collecting their revenues. Error and attempted fraud are hidden inside huge amounts of data. We want to change this....
Meet us at ATM 201820180807083718

Meet us at ATM 2018

7. August 2018
Meet us at the most important music conference in Asia, the “All that Matters” from 7 to 12 September at the Ritz Carlton Millenia. Experience our Music Enterprise Software MES, which was developed for labels. Get the latest news about our Fraud Detection Software, which creates transparency for labels and artists and prevents errors and […]...