Custom Release Times, ISNI and more

Apart from sunshine and good vibes, this summer brought with it a number of updates that we would like to share with you today!

In this edition, we’re diving headfirst into two game-changing advancements that are creating waves of excitement among music enthusiasts, creators, and industry professionals alike. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of custom release times and the integration of the ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier) into our Music Enterprise Software.

Time your new release!

Usually, new music drops at the stroke of midnight, right?

But with our newest update, you can select at precisely which time you want your music to be available on Spotify and Pandora!

While we might add this function for other DSPs at a later time, Spotify and Pandora now make your releases available at the exact time that you decide during the upload process.

Choose a time that you think is best for your loyal listeners: Are they active in the morning? Drop your release at 9:00 AM! Do you want to build excitement on the release day itself? Drop it late in the afternoon or in the evening hours!

Soon Available: Spotify Countdown Pages

The custom release times can be matched perfectly with the soon available Spotify Countdown Pages that will most likely arrive later this year.

Spotify announced this new method to hype up your next release in their Stream On presentation earlier this year, along with some other exciting news.

On the Countdown page your fans can pre-save your upcoming albums, preview the track list, pre-order new merch, watch video clips you’ve shared, and see the timer count down to the release moment – all in one place!

Make sure to keep an eye out for updates in the following months!

Not only a custom release time can help with your release but picking the right date, month and season matters, too!

Here's what we think is the best time to release your new music! 🕑

Pick a Friday for your release 📲
Releasing new music on Fridays has been an industry standard amongst record labels and indie musicians for a while now. Music streaming platforms like Spotify update playlists like Release Radar and New Music Friday on Fridays. Releasing music on this day will increase your chances of getting into these playlists.

Pick the perfect month 📅
May, June or July are perfect for a summer release since it can coincide with more touring and festival opportunities. Make sure to book some gigs if you‘re releasing your music during this time to help promote your music.
September and October are great months as well, since people are back to work and back to school. Music professionals are back in the office as well, increasing your chances for them to hear your music.
January and February might be slow months for bigger artists but work well for emerging or independent artists. Make use of people starting their New Year‘s resolutions and get them to listen to your music to support them in their efforts.

These months you should try to avoid 🚫
November and December are busy months for industry professionals and everyone else alike, since a lot of time is spent with families or buying presents for loved ones. People‘s attention spans are usually maxed out. Unless you have a new Christmas song up your sleeve, it‘s best to avoid these months.
March is a difficult month to release new music as an (international) independent artist, since all eyes are on the South by Southwest festival in the United States. Many industry professionals will focus their attention on the acts on this festival, so unless you are playing there, try to avoid March for your new music release.

Pick the perfect season 🌅⛄
This may seem obvious for Christmas songs but also goes for songs or albums that have a certain feel or mood about them. Do you plan to release a melancholic tune? Pick fall or winter for your release. Does it have more of a catchy or chill vibe? Then spring or summer might be a better fit.

Another New Update: Identify every contributor with ISNI!

We’re excited to introduce you to the concept of ISNI – the International Standard Name Identifier. In the dynamic world of creative works, identifying contributors accurately is essential, and ISNI provides an innovative solution.

What is ISNI?
The ISNI is a distinct and exclusive identification number assigned to contributors of creative works. Its purpose is to alleviate the ambiguity associated with names and provide an enduring link between artists, performers, publishers, and more.

The Role of ISNI-IA
At the helm of this initiative is the International ISNI Agency (ISNI-IA). Their role involves assigning a permanent, unique identification number to public names of artists, interpreters, publishers, and the like. This revolutionary approach ensures that each assigned ISNI is propagated across all repertoires within the global supply chain. The ultimate goal? To ensure that every published work is unequivocally attributed to its rightful creator.

A Unified Future
In the near future, the ISNI is set to replace internal artist IDs used by platforms like Apple and Spotify. This unification will render a single ISNI sufficient for global recognition, simplifying the identification process for artists and collaborators. Both Apple and Spotify have already taken strides to integrate ISNIs into their systems, demonstrating their commitment to accurate attribution.

Join the ISNI Movement
While the adoption of ISNI is not mandatory, we encourage you to consider the benefits. The ISNI system streamlines the identification process, making it easier to credit creative contributors appropriately.

To explore the world of ISNI and begin collecting ISNI numbers for artists, creators, and more, you can visit the official ISNI website: Embrace this opportunity to contribute to a more precise and connected creative ecosystem.

Remember, while the use of ISNIs is currently optional, the positive impact on the creative community is undeniable. Let’s embrace the future of accurate artistic identification together! 💪

What else is new?

Connect your music to your Instagram profile!

Did you know that when people use your music in their stories or reels, your profile could be connected by tapping on the title of your track? Contact us if your songs are not connected and we can make it happen!

Discover New Music with YouTube Samples!

YouTube Music now has a new feature in the app called “Samples”. Clicking on the new tab at the bottom of the app lets you discover music videos in the style of TikTok videos. You can save your new discoveries directly to your favorite playlists, share them with friends and see Shorts that have used the track!