Rebeat Digital & SubmitHub Are Partnering Up!

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between Rebeat Digital and SubmitHub, a platform revolutionizing the way musicians promote their music and connect with playlist curators, bloggers, radio stations, or influencers. Find out below what SubmitHub is and how to claim your exclusive discount!

What is SubmitHub?

SubmitHub is a game-changing platform designed to streamline the music submission process for independent artists. It serves as a bridge between musicians and a vast network of blogs, playlists, labels, and other influencers in the music industry. With SubmitHub, artists can submit their tracks directly to independent curators who are actively seeking new music.

How Does SubmitHub Work?💡🤔

Submitting music through SubmitHub is simple and efficient. Artists upload their tracks along with relevant information such as genre, release date, and a brief description. These submissions can then be sent to a curated list of playlist creators, bloggers or influencers who review and provide feedback on your tracks. If they like your track, they might add it to their Spotify playlist , blog or socials!
SubmitHub offers valuable insights into the success of submissions, including listen rates and approval rates, helping artists refine their promotional strategies.

Benefits for Musicians 🎸

  • Increased Visibility: SubmitHub provides access to a diverse array of music insiders, increasing the visibility of artists’ tracks and opening doors to potential opportunities.
  • Constructive Feedback: Artists receive constructive feedback from curators, helping them improve their craft and tailor their music to resonate with their target audience.
  • Networking Opportunities: Through SubmitHub, artists can build relationships with bloggers, playlist curators, and other industry insiders, fostering connections that can lead to more exposure and collaborations.

Exclusive Offer for Rebeat Digital Clients 💰🔖

As part of our partnership with SubmitHub, clients of Rebeat Digital are eligible for a special 20% discount on every purchase of SubmitHub credits! Simply click here or on the link in your Music Enterprise Software (MES) by navigating to “Extras,” and selecting “SubmitHub Discount” to claim your discount. Every time you want to buy credits, going through the link reactivates the discount.

At Rebeat Digital, we are committed to empowering independent artists and providing them with the tools they need to succeed in the ever-evolving music industry. Our partnership with SubmitHub represents another step towards realizing this vision, offering you better opportunities for growth and exposure.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your music to the next level with SubmitHub! Join us in celebrating this exciting partnership and unlock the full potential of your musical journey 🎶🛫

6 Interesting Facts About SubmitHub ✔️

Did you know that… 

… you can use SubmitHub even for free? From free credits (2 every 4h) to using Hot or Not, where you feedback fellow artists and get 1 Premium credit for free for every 20 reviews you leave!

… SubmitHub has its own Fiver-like Marketplace? One can hire freelance professionals for services like EP/album reviews, audio engineering help, press & ad setup assistance, and graphic design work.

… there’s a What’s my genre? tool you can use for free on SubmitHub? You can run your song through AI and get genre recommendations.

… you can create free landing pages for ads or #linkinbio with SubmitHub Links? They’re also one of the quickest to load and allow for easy implementation of a Meta Pixel if you run ads with them.

… you can check playlists for bots on SubmitHub? They have a tool called Playlist Checker that you can check any playlist’s growth for weird spikes which are typical for botted playlists (+ insights into the playlist’s growth, songs, genres, and more).

… after submitting your song on SubmitHub, you can turn the feedback you get into press quotes and social media pictures? SubmitHub uses AI to extract positives to copy into press releases, artist about, or for sharing as an image on your socials.