Better quality for successful releases

Digital music services need correct and complete metadata, otherwise releases may be delayed or even rejected. Our new quality management makes it easier for labels and artists to meet the requirements of music platforms to release successfully.

Input errors such as incorrect product information, formatting, or special characters cause streaming and download platforms to deny publishing of tracks.

Save money with correct metadata
In order to save time and money, always make sure your metadata is correct and accurate right from the start, as metadata updates will lead to additional costs. In our Music Enterprise Software MES there are mouseover descriptions available for every field of metadata. In addition, the most common mistakes are listed in our user manual.

Release date, language of the title as well as the quality and content of the cover artwork are automatically checked at entry. If the system detects an error, a pop-up window will appear, indicating the incorrect content.

New ticket system
As an additional service in our quality management we added a new ticket system. If errors are detected, users will receive an e-mail with detailed information and step-by-step instructions on how to correct their metadata.