Changes for Google Play Music

Important changes for Google Play Music

We were informed by Google, that by the middle of March 2020 all songs which are released on Google Play Music are automatically released on YouTube Music as well. There will be no longer the possibility to release music seperately on each platform.


This means that by middle of March:

  • New releases on Google Play Music will automatically be released on YouTube Music.
  • New take downs from Google Play Music result in an automatic take down from YouTube Music.
  • Music that has been previously released on Google Play Music will automatically become available on YouTube Music. This includes music that has been taken down from YouTube Music, but is still available on Google Play Music. If you currently have music available on Google Play, which was not released on YouTube Music and which should not become available on YouTube Music, please contact us until March, 20th.


As soon as the changes become active, we will adapt the store selection in MES and you will only be able to select Google Play Music & YouTube Music in combination. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact us at We will do our best to support you.