New: Spotify Pre-Save

Smartlinks feature now Spotify Pre-Save

A few months ago we introduced smartlinks, a great tool that automatically creates links to your songs on selected platforms. Now we add Spotify Pre-Save to smartlinks, which allows your fans to save new songs BEFORE release!

How Spotify Pre-Save works

The Spotify Pre-Save link is automatically created when a product is uploaded to Spotify 24 hours prior to release (please allow for the usual lead time between importing in MES and uploading to Spotify).

If a fan clicks on the Spotify Pre-Save link

  • the song is saved in their favorites,
  • the fan is added to your followers and
  • the song is added to the “PreSaves” playlist.

Spotify introduces minimum length to spoken word audio

Spoken word audio must have a minimum track length no less than 3 minutes in duration, excluding introductions and epilogues. Audiobooks and spoken word content that does not meet this criteria, will not be available on Spotify.

Please check the length of your spoken word audio tracks before uploading!