Spotify unveils “Loud & Clear”

Spotify unveils "Loud & Clear", a guide to royalty payment

Spotify launched a new online resource called “Loud & Clear”. The goal is to increase transparency by sharing new data on the global streaming economy and breaking down the royalty system, the players and the process.

Loud & Clear offers:

  • An interactive module showing revenue generated by artist catalogs over the last four years across recording and publishing on Spotify alone
  • An interactive tool that puts streaming numbers into better context
  • A snapshot of different groupings of artists on Spotify and how streaming has contributed to growing their fanbases
  • A video that breaks down how the money flows from Spotify listeners to artists.
  • A Q&A of the music economics questions we are most frequently asked by artists and the industry
“Questions and concerns about artist income from streaming have been around for over a decade, and in many ways, we feel we’ve been too quiet on the topic. Our aim with this site is to provide a valuable foundation for a constructive conversation. In sharing more information, we hope to answer questions and share useful resources about today’s streaming industry.”
– Spotify