Spotify Canvas for your releases

Spotify Canvas for your releases

Connect with listeners in a whole new way with Canvas, a short looping visual you can add to each of your tracks on Spotify. It’s album artwork, for the streaming age. Canvas is now available for all Rebeat artists.

Canvas is not only a great branding tool, it has also shown to consistently drive key performance metrics, such as shares (+145% average vs. control group), streams (+5%), saves (+1.4%), adds to user playlists (+20%) and visits to the artist’s profile page (+9%).

You can share your Canvas artwork also directly to Instagram Stories, right from your Spotify app. Your Canvas will loop in the background of the Story — along with track details and a link back for fans to ‘Play on Spotify’.

Tips for creating a canvas

  • Length: 3 – 8 secs
  • Format: MP4 and JPG only
  • Picture ratio: 9:16
  • Height: At least 720px
  • Avoid using footage with talking or singing.
  • Don’t use any clips with flashing effects or quick cuts.
  • Canvas is a vertical video format; most of the action should be in the upper half of the screen.
  • Don’t put any text like artist name, track, or album names.
  • Keep your brand front-and-center by telling a story.
  • Keep your Canvas fresh with new releases.
  • Spotify offers continuous loop, hard cut loops, and rebound loops to play with – use them all.