New function: Smartlinks

New function: Smartlinks

Get with the next update for your Music Enterprise Software MES a new, super useful function: smartlinks.

A Smartlink contains a list of automatically generated links to your products in the various stores. With drag & drop you can easily change the order of store links.

Send the smartlink to your fans and media to increase your streaming numbers. It is also a convenient way to check availability of your products in each store.

Video: Manage smartlinks

Go to „Extras“ in the menu bar. In the top bar you will find the button “Smartlink Management”. Click on it and you see a list of all your products with all available smartlinks.

To edit a smartlink either double click on it or click on the edit symbol to the right of the link.

By the way: Our smartlink example is the last album of the Austrian band “Opus”. The band gained worldwide fame with their hit “Live is Life”. Now Opus is saying Goodbye to their fans with their last album “Magnum”.