Add lyrics to Spotify

Add lyrics to Spotify

User can now display lyrics on Spotify and read them in real-time – similar to karaoke. Lyrics can be easily shared on various platforms or with contacts via a share button.

In order to display lyrics to your songs on Spotify you need to sign up as a verified artist on Musixmatch, a music data company. Registration with Musixmatch is free.

We are working on integrating this function to our MES so your lyrics will be automatically delivered to Musixmatch and Spotify. Until then you have to register with Musixmatch if you want to offer your lyrics on Spotify.

More platform news

Pitch your music directly to Amazon Music

Artists can now pitch their releases directly to Amazon Music for global promotion and program consideration. All you need is an Amazon Music for Artists account.

Just login with your Amazon account and claim your artist page. Once you have an Amazon Music for Artists account go to “New releases” and pitch your track.

Custom URL for YouTube - easier access

You do not have a custom URL for your YouTube channel? Good news! YouTube has lowered the requirements, it is now much easier to get a custom URL for your channel. The new requirements are:

  • At least 100 subscribers
  • Existing for at least 30 days
  • Have a profile picture
  • Have a banner

Since each custom URL can only be claimed once, make sure to secure the URL of your choice in YouTube Studio fast, so that no one else can select it.

Important changes for YouTube Studio

YouTube requires now all accounts associated with a monetizing YouTube channel to enable 2 step verification to access YouTube Studio and/or YouTube Studio Content Manager. 2-Step Verification is a way to protect your account with both your password and an additional device.

Start the process by opening your Google account and go to security settings to make the necessary changes. If you don’t turn on 2-Step Verification, you will not be able to access YouTube Studio or YouTube Studio Content Manager until you secure your account. This will not impact your channel’s monetization.