Want a flexible distribution?

We have the perfect infrastructure for you

You have direct contracts with stores and you work with different digital distribution partners? Manage your supply chain efficiently with our software MES.

Contracts with storesDistribute directly to stores you have a contract with! With our software MES you can define for each country if you want to distribute directly and offer streaming and downloads.
Local digital distributorsYou want a different distribution partner in Sweden than in France? With our software MES you can manage your direct distribution to local partners.
Manage data centrallyEnter your meta data once into our software MES and distribute them to all your stores and distribution partners. Updates are automatically forwarded to all distribution channels.
Easy release planningOur software MES offers you many option for a succesfull release: pre-order with and without audio sample, instant gratification, automatic take down, deactivate single stores and much more.
Radio & TV promotionUse optional our Media Promotion Service to increase chances for airplay. We offer a free audio sample of your releases to Radio & TV stations.Media Promotion Service
Promo platformUse optional our promotion platform Artist Camp. Inform your audience about releases, promote concerts and offer a 30 second audio sample.

Costs for Supply Chain Management

All revenues from stores and distribution partners are directly paid to your label. We provide you with the infrastructure to manage your supply chain and invoice you:

  • one-time license fee for our software MES
  • monthly service for for integration of stores and distribution partners
  • incurred, variable costs
Supply Chain Management
Software license (one-time)€ 149.-
Store integration (max. 4 stores)€ 149.- per month and store
Distribution partner integration€ 199.- per partner and month
1st Level supportinclusive
2nd Level support€ 106.80 per hour
Technical support€ 154.80 per hour
Data storage€ 1.- per GB and year
Statement line€ 0.0005 per line
*All prices are including taxes