Exploding royalty accounting data?

We navigate you through

You want to reduce the time needed for transfering data, tracing errors and setting up complex structures? We help you to manage your accounting fast, easy and correct.

Sales integrationWe integrate sales and accounting in one system. No more data preparation and import, less risks of error and faster processes.
100% flexibleOur software MES allows you to define revenue shares individually for each track, store and country. Label and artist enjoy full contractual flexibility.
New: Cost AccountingAllot revenues and expenses to a cost unit, define the splitting between contractual partners and create detailed PDF reports.
Individual statementsCreate your own statement template with logo and individual text in our software MES. Rebeat is not visible for the artist.
Mailbox connectionTie in your own mail account to our software MES. You can send statements and reports directly out of our software.
Telebanking filesYou can also generate a telebanking file with our software MES. An easy and fast way to prepare payments to artists and other right holders.

We take care of Mechanical Royalties

Our service includes management of so called Mechanical Royalties for revenues in the US.

Use our software MES to add new publishers or select from an existing publisher database with more than 20.000 entries. The royalty accounting process is fully automated and accounting statements are sent out automatically.

Additional accounting services

You want to settle third-party-lable revenues? You want to manage sales streams from different sources in one system?

Sub-label accounting

With the add-on “Sub-Accounting” for our software MES you can easily settle revenues for third-party-labels. Design individual statements and send them directly to your sublabels, without any mention of Rebeat. The number of sublabels and layers is unlimited.

Manage revenues from different sources

With the add-on “Revenue Import” for our software MES you can import, manage and settle additional sales from physical sales, ticket sales, merchandise and so on. Import is easily done with CSV. Save your settings in a template and use it for the next import.

Costs for royalty accounting

With digital distribution or stand-alone?

If you distribute your music via Rebeat, you have automatic access to our Label Accounting services. You only pay a small fee for settlement overviews, data storage and accounting lines.

You can use our Label Accounting services also seperately from distribution. In this case you just need to buy a license for our software MES.

Label Accounting
Accounting statement€ 3.- per artist
Data storage€ 1.- per GB and year
Accounting line€ 0.0005 per line
1st Level supportinclusive
2nd Level support€ 106.80 per hour
Technical support€ 154.80 per hour
Optional: add-on "Sub-accounting"€ 99.- per month
Optional: add-on "Revenue import"€ 149.- per month
*All prices are including taxes