NFTs for musicians

NFTs for musicians

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are the latest hype in the art and music business. Digital pictures, videos or songs gain an unique “fingerprint” based on a blockchain.

These unique digital assets can be sold or auctioned off on special platforms with crypto coins. Artists such as Grimes and King of Leon already launched successfully their own NFTs.

Distribution via Rebeat

For the first time we managed the distribution of NFTs for an artist. Our role was to take care of every technical aspect from creating a wallet to filling it with crypto coins to setting up the auction and defining the royalty split.

3D Animation "Breaking through : The Multiverse"

The artist Matt Eiko created the NFT collection BREAKING THROUGH: THE MULTIVERSE  as a homage to Hip-Hop und Breakdance. British composer Ben Fowler created the music. We took care of the distribution on OpenSea.

The collection consists of the 60 second 3D Animation ‘Breaking The Sequence’, in which a B-Girl–Avatar dances and morphs through different scenes and eventually frees herself from any restriction. Further available are four movement studies in super-slow-mo as well as 8 pictures, so called  ‘Shards’.

The auction runs from 1, November to 10, November 2021 on, the Shards can be bought for a fixed price.