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Music connects us. With labels, artists, stores, music enthusiasts.
For them we develop visions and workable solutions.


The red line we follow

We live for improving processes and creating something new. Our thrive to change is the red line that runs through the history of our company.

How do I get my music into shops?

This was the main question for many artists and small labels in 2000. Music distribution was dominated by a few big players, who controlled the market. Günter Loibl, at that time sales manager for Yamaha Music Europe, had excellent contacts in the music business. His vision was to offer a fair and innovative alternative in music distribution. This is why he founded in 2002 his own distribution company for CD and DVD: Rebeat.

How do I get my music into online stores?

When digitalisation completely disrupted the music business, Loibl once again took initiative. He gathered a small group of computer specialists around him and started Rebeat Digital in 2006. The digital music distribution company offers artists and labels an easy and low cost entry to iTunes, Amazon & Co.

How can my label handle the data overload?

More and more online stores came into the market. Labels fought with complex distribution set ups and an exploding data volume. Over time Rebeat’s IT masterminds developed the idea, to create a one-stop-software that could do it all: offer digital music distribution and handle royalty accounting in one system. After four years of development finally in 2016 our Music Enterprise Software MES was launched.

How to detect errors and attempted fraud in royalty accounting?

This is our latest project. Together with the Technical University of Vienna we are developing a fraud detection software. At the moment labels and artists have to rely on the correctness of reported accounting numbers. With our new software they will be able to spot errors and attempted fraud within seconds. Labels and artists gain control over their sales.

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