Protect rights, increase reach, earn more

With Rebeat, your certified YouTube partner

We identify your content on YouTube and claim your rights.
Monetizing your videos earns you additional revenues.

Certified YouTube partner

We are a certified YouTube Partner and possess all certificates for “Digital Rights Management”, “Audience Growth” and “API Certified”. Our employees have been trained by YouTube to present your music in the best possible way.

Content- and rights management

We protect your rights and manage claims for you

Fingerprint via Youtube API

to identify your content automatically

Increase watchtime

through optimized presentation and ongoing analyses

Earn money with YouTube

Earn automatically with YouTube

Advertisement for YouTube videos is a fast and simple way to earn more. Automatically!

As soon as you upload content via MES, we send an audio reference to YouTube’s Content ID system, where a fingerprint is created. In this way YouTube can automatically identify your videos, generate advertising revenues for you and settle them via Rebeat.

Content ID allows YouTube to spot, if your music appears in user generated content (e.g. fan videos). YouTube can monetize those videos and the earnings are paid out to you.

Monetizing with Rebeat brings you many benefits:

BenefitsWITHOUT RebeatWITH Rebeat
Monetize own channel
Fingerprint for automatic content tracking
Monitoring of user uploads
More branding options for your channel
More functions for your channel
Review, monitoring and management for YouTube accounts
Review, monitoring and management of label claims
User claims management
Better protection against fraud and false claims
Additional staff

Costs for YouTube Monetizing

Our revenueshare for digital music distribution is the usual 15%. In addition to that you need to buy one license for your software MES. With this software you can plan all your releases centrally, manage royalty accounting and analyse performance data.

Pay-as-you-go or flat-fee?

Variable costs, such as updating meta data, are invoiced only when you use the service. You can chose how you want to settle those costs.

  • With Pay-as-you-go every variable service is seperatly invoiced. You have no fixed monthly fees and you pay only the services you use.
  • If you chose our flat-fee scheme, you pay a fixed yearly fee that covers all variable costs. No matter how often you use a service, you pay only the fixed fee.
YouTube MonetizingPay-as-you-goFlat-Fee
Software license€ 149.- (one time)€ 149.- (one time)
Yearly flat-fee-€ 1,188.-
Data upload€ 1.- per trackunlimited
Meta data update€ 5.- per releaseunlimited
Take down€ 10.- per releaseunlimited
Accounting overview€ 3.- per overviewunlimited
ISRC Code€ 1.- per trackunlimited
EAN Codierung€ 5.- per releaseunlimited
Download Codes€ 0.25 per code€ 0.25 per code
1st Level supportinclusiveinclusive
2nd Level support€ 106.80 per hour
Technical support€ 154.80 per hour
*All prices are including taxes

Important to know

Rebeat claims your contentThis message from YouTube is only for your information. Your video will NOT be taken down or deleted, there is no action required. It means that content was uploaded, for which Rebeat has the digital distribution rights. Revenues will be settled via Rebeat and paid out to you.
Revenue amountThere is no fixed revenue amount for advertising, it is calculated based on Google Ad Words System. Find your exact revenues from Youtube monetizing in your Dashboard in MES.
Channel requirementsYouTube defined requirements for channels to qualify for monetization. The channel needs a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and watchtime must amount to 4,000 hours within the past 12 months. Revenues for this content are settled via Rebeat and will be paid out to you.
Not everywhere possibleAdvertising will only be displayed in countries, where your local collecting society has a contract with YouTube. Thus the total amount of views is no conclusion for advertising earnings.