With 40 million tracks on iTunes it really is a musical jungle out there! In fact all the other online music stores have a large intake of new tracks on a daily basis too. So it really is important that your product stands out and that you have the correct means to do so.


Make yourself heard!

Get everybody’s attention with REBEAT Digital’s promotional materials!


REBEAT Digital offers its users a range of tools to help get your voice heard:

Media Promotion Service (MPS)
Enables radio and television stations to integrate REBEAT Digital users’ music into their programming. This service is free.

Artist Camp
Gives REBEAT Digital users a platform to showcase their music and themselves, to advertise gigs and to provide important information about the artist and his products. This platform is connected to the Media Promotion Service—here radio and television stations are provided with music samples and can check out information about each artist. This service is also free.

Point Of Sale Marketing
Additional service of REBEAT Digital for requests on generating better placements directly in the online music stores. This service is liable to costs.

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