YouTube Monetization

What is monetization?

"Monetization" is a very important term for YouTube users. It enables rights holders to earn money through advertisements on YouTube videos. With REBEAT, monetizing your content is easy. Due to our partnership with YouTube, we can make use of the Content ID system to find, claim and monetize videos automatically, only seconds after they have been uploaded!

The Google AdWords system determines how much a REBEAT Digital User earns through YouTube monetization.

When REBEAT Digital claims a video with your content you will see a notification in your YouTube account which says: "REBEAT Digital is claiming your content." That just means that we are handling the distribution rights for you.

Further information regarding REBEAT related YouTube claims can be found here.

Videos can be monetized only in countries in which YouTube has an agreement with the local royalty collection society. That means that you cannot estimate your income based on the number of views your YouTube video has generated.

Further information
Google AdWords
YouTube Content ID System

This is how it works
You upload your content with the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software. We send the file and metadata to YouTube, where a digital fingerprint of the same is created. This fingerprint makes it possible to find all videos that include your content. As soon as the system finds a match, REBEAT puts a claim on this video and the user receives the following notification:

This notification only serves to inform you that REBEAT manages the distribution rights for this content. It does not mean that your video will be blocked. And it certainly does not mean that you lose or surrender your copyright if you are the copyright holder of the audio content in question. There is no action required from your side.

Once the claim has been set on your video, our monetization settings are activated and we will generate advertisement revenues for you. As a consequence, your own monetization settings will be blocked for this video, as only one party is allowed to monetize a video—and we take care of this for you!

Not only can we claim and monetize your own video, but also UGC (user generated content), such as fanvideos that are using your content—this means higher revenues for you!

The revenues that are generated will be added to your monthly REBEAT accounting.

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