YouTube FAQ

Why is my YouTube video claimed by REBEAT Digital?
You can find detailed information on this topic here.

Why is there no advertisement on my YouTube video, even though it has been claimed correctly?
One possible reason could be that your country does not participate in the YouTube Partner program. This makes it impossible to put advertisements on your videos in this country. In countries that are participants of the Partner program, advertisements will be shown, even though you won’t be able to see them from your current country.

If you are in a country that participates in the Partner program, a reason might be that your collecting society has not settled and registered your rights with YouTube yet. In this case please contact your collecting society.

If none of the above mentioned reasons apply, please check your territory settings in the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software. Make sure that you hold the rights for this title in your country and that you have entered them accordingly.

If you have considered all these points and your videos are still not being monetized, please contact our support team:

Why has REBEAT not claimed my video yet?
You might have uploaded your YouTube video before you have uploaded the matching song with the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software. In this case it can take YouTube up to six months before they find the according video, since it is no longer listed as "new upload". The best solution to ensure that your video will be claimed quickly is to first upload the song with the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software and only afterwards upload the video to YouTube. Ideally you only upload the video 24 hours after you’ve uploaded the song with REBEAT.

My video is shown on an external website, outside of YouTube. Do I receive money for that?
Yes. As long as the video is shown in the YouTube player, YouTube will have no difficulties in finding and monetizing it.

What are the benefits of REBEAT managing my complete YouTube channel?

  • your uploads will be claimed and monetized immediately
  • protection against false claims
  • every video will be monetized, no matter if you have uploaded it with the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software or not
  • REBEAT has more possibilities to promote your content
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