YouTube Certified

In 2014 YouTube introduced the Creator Academy, where YouTube partners and video artists get the chance to participate in educational programs and courses. After successfully completed coursework and a final exam, the participants receive a certificate for the according category.

Many of our employees have achieved certificates in different areas, which in turn earned REBEAT the title "YouTube certified company". Our certifications comprise Digital Rights, Audience Growth and API Content-ID.

Digital Rights
The Digital Rights certificate covers correct content- and rights management and the correct handling of YouTube’s Content ID. The certification course deepened and strengthened our knowledge in these areas, which we are happy to pass on to our partners.

Audience Growth
In successfully completing the audience growth certificate, our employees are skilled to present, analyze and edit our partners’ content in order to optimize watchtime for their videos.

API-Content ID
This certification enables us to raise the degree of automation of content management and accounting, which in turn means more efficiency for our partners!

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