General Topics

Start your REBEAT Music Enterprise Software and in the login window please click on the link "Forgot your login data?".

This will open a secure website where you have to fill in a form. Please type in your first name and your last name, as well as the email address you have used for registration at REBEAT Digital. After filling in the picture-code too please click on the button "Submit". You will receive an email containing a link. By clicking on this link another website will open that shows your new login data for the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software.

Important note
Keep the login data secret and do not pass your login data to unauthorized third parties! Keep in mind that using your login data enables to check the sales as well as upload, change or delete products under your name!

You can download the latest version of the REBEAT Music Enterprise software on our website for free.

Note The download of the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software is only possible for already registered users. Before downloading the software you’ll have to fill in the email address you have used for registration back then.

Of course it is possible to install the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software on further computers. You don’t have to buy the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software again.

To use the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software on another computer simply download the software from our website and start it with your login data as usual. In case that you have lost your login data, you can request new login data.

After you have successfully installed the software on the computer you won’t see the products you have uploaded so far, because the filestore is missing. The filestore is the directory where all your encoded musical data (e.g. wav files, cover art) will be saved and stored locally. There are two possibillities to get the already uploaded products back to your software again:

• Either you copy the filestore from the computer where you have uploaded the products, • or you import the products by using the menu "Products" and "Download from server".

With the second described method all data except the audio files will be imported from our server into your filestore. Generally the audio files won’t be needed anymore in the filestore—except for change of prelistening point.

Of course we want to keep you up-to-date at all times, therefore the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software features an automatic update function. Every time you start the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software, it is looking for the latest version and is installing it automatically and for free.

Due to security reasons only our support team can change your email address. Please contact our support team.

Just to make sure that you are authorised to change the email address—we will ask you a security question.

Due to security reasons only our support team can change your bank account or PayPal account. Please contact our support team.

Just to make sure that you are authorised to change the bank account we will ask you a security question.

Questions concerning the stores

With the additional module "Matrix" it is possible to exclude particular stores.

Upload your product at least four weeks before the day you want the product to be online, and set the release date of your product for this day. See our user manual at item 3.3.19 Release date.

First of all please do a manually search for your product in this store and check if your product is really not online in this store. Don’t rely on the Tracker solely!

Please keep in mind that it takes some time until the Tracker finds your product in the stores. Hence it is possible that the Tracker doesn’t show a link to the stores, although the product is already available. The product simply has not been online in the stores at the time when the tracker browsed the stores. The tracker starts a new search every week, so the product should be found during the next search.

If you still can not find your product, then maybe because of the following reasons:

Verification processes of the stores
Some stores check the correctness of the data (e.g. iTunes). So it will either take some time until your product is online. Generally the tracks are available in all online stores worldwide between 3 and 30 days.

Specific genre
Some stores have a jury checking all incoming content to make sure it fits their repertoire (e.g. Beatport, Juno). So it might be that your product never get online in a store because of the genre (Beatport does not accept product of genre classical or country for example).

Please note that all tracks of a product have to be of the specifice genre of such a store to be accepted by this store. For example: A product with two tracks of genre Dance and two tracks of genre Pop won’t be available at Beatport.

Release date
You have set a release date that is yet to come. For example: If you have uploaded your product on January 20 with a release date of February 20, then your product won’t be available in the download stores before February 20.

Missing or incorrect metadata of your product
For making sure that your product is available within the iTunes store you have to follow and meet the needed specifications which will be strictly monitored by iTunes itself. If you ignore these specifications your product won’t be available at iTunes Store at all. Please take a look to paragraph 7 Common mistakes in our user manual, where you will find reasons why your product may be denied by some stores.

Lack of demand
Some stores (e.g. Juno) delete content on their system that has been live for a certain kind of period (e.g. a year) but has not sold any downloads.

Explicit lyrics
A release with explicit songtext is banned in some conservative countries. The music won’t be available for sale in those countries (such as Belarus, Burkina Faso, India, Nepal, Uzbekistan).

The price of sale (both tracks an products) is set by the stores themselves. But our contracts with every store guarantee you a minimum turnover out of the sales. Due to the fact that our commission (15%) is calculated on the basis of the turnover, you can be sure that we try to gain the maximum turnover—not the maximum price of sale! Besides, the usability of the REBEAT Digital software would be bad if you had to set the selling price for all stores yourself.

We try to arrange with the stores that the selling price for one track costs between 0.89 EUR and 1.19 EUR. If the selling price is higher than that the customer won’t buy the music because it is too expensive. If the selling price is lower the finally turnover won’t be higher and the sale is not cost-effective. You have also to consider the different countries: A song in China or India costs about 0.29 EUR. The people can’t afford to buy a song beyond that price.

Technical Problems

See the following checklist:

Are the specifications of the audio file correct?

• File format: WAV or AIFF
• Sampling rate (data rate): 44.1 kHz
• Bit depth: 16 bit
• Channel: stereo

Is the audio file AIFF or AIF?
The AIF file type is an old file format for audiofiles. This file format is not supported by the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software. Only audiofiles in file format AIFF are accepted by the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software. Please keep in mind that it won’t work if you just rename the audiofiles from AIF to AIFF!

Please check your audio files if they are of file format AIF or AIFF.

If you have Windows: You can see that when you unhide the extensions for known file types in your Windows Explorer (do this by clicking on Tools > Folder Options > Tab "View" > and then uncheck the item "Hide extensions for known file types").

Are the AIFF files conform with the AIFF-C specifications?
Even AIFF audiofiles might be denied by the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software, if the audio file format is not conform with the AIFF-C specifications of the new AIFF file format. Generally a digital audio editor software should be able to create the new AIFF file format. But it might be possible that some digital audio editors still use the old audio file format.

If your digital audio editor software doesn’t offer the possibility to create audio files of the new AIFF file format, then you can do the following workaround: Burn the audio files to a CD. Then rip the music files from the CD or if you have Mac you can just drag and drop it to your desktop (thanks to the burning process these files are always conform to the AIFF-C specification). Now you can import the files into the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software.

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