Point Of Sale Marketing

As the name suggests POS Marketing deals with the way in which products are presented by any given retailer (online music store) and seeks to provide improvements. As a result the products have a better chance of gaining more attention, and thus a better chance of higher sales figures.


POS Marketing is a close collaboration between the online music stores and REBEAT Digital. Due to the uniqueness of every product together with the individual needs and protocols of the online stores there is no sense in implementing an automated system here. REBEAT Digital has, therefore, founded its own marketing division, which takes care of any individual requests regarding the online stores. This service is additional to the REBEAT Digital distribution company and so added costs will apply.


And that's how it works

  1. Download and print the REBEAT Digital POS application form (doc) fill in all required information and send it to pos@rebeat.com
  2. REBEAT Digital evaluates POS possiblities for the named product—this service is for free
  3. REBEAT Digital sends a non-binding offer to the label/artist
  4. After receiving the offer handling charges* will arise as soon as the label/artist instructs REBEAT Digital for POS activities—see POS prices (pdf)
  5. Due to guide lines and fixed structures of each online music store POS placements cannot be guaranteed. Therefore perfomance-based costs—see POS prices (pdf) only arise for confirmed POS marketing activities.


*Handling charges are related to REBEAT Digital's additional efforts aside their digital distribution business (marketing and promotion requests, product and artist presentation to online music stores, technical expenses, preparation of product info, etc.)



You should send your request at least one month prior to the product’s release date.

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