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Media Promotion Service
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Information for radio and television stations
All officially licensed radio and television stations have access to approved music by REBEAT Digital users via the Media Promotion Service. The Media Promotion Service offers a passive preview—all registered MPS users can download approved MPS music for free, and then, for example, use it in their programming. Registered radio stations


Register for free and without any commitment now, and you then have the possibility to search for songs from all kinds of genres in our music archive. Added bonus: on-going negotiations with new labels and artists ensure that our music database is continuously changing and growing, thus guaranteeing a broad musical scope!


Media Promotion Service (MPS)

The simple way for radio and television stations to access approved music by REBEAT Digital users!


 Information for REBEAT Digital Users
What does the Media Promotion Service mean for me and when do radio and television stations have access to my music?

As mentioned above the Media Promotion Service is a tool that provides radio and television stations with a passive preview of REBEAT Digital’s tracks. We are broadening our network of international media partners every day, and so the chance of tracks getting airplay is constantly increasing.

Every Wednesday our registered media partners receive our newsletter highlighting new releases. They can therefore not only listen to the new tracks, but also click on each artist/product and be forwarded directly to their page on Artist Camp. This means: the more information submitted prior to uploading, the more extensive the information is on Artist Camp and therefore also for our media partners.

We only take on officially licensed radio and television stations for this service—any numbnuts out to get free downloads have no way of accessing this. REBEAT Digital ensures that licensing is referred to and checked by the relative collecting society.

So that our registered media partners (MPS users) are able to download full length tracks you have to make sure that before uploading a track you tick the box "Media Promotion Service" found under the menu "Promotion" in our software. Only then will the track be available in full length to the MPS user. Should you choose not to tick this box, then the track will be available, but only as a 30 second clip. Ticking the box does not, however, have any influence on your sales in the online music stores. Any end user will have to purchase a track in the usual way.

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