Artist Camp

The REBEAT Digital Artist Camp is an information platform created especially for our users. All details about music products—such as artwork, genre, label and release date—can be found here.


In addition: the featured songs are available to prelisten (30 seconds); you can take a look at linked video clips; and check out a list of the most popular download shops that already stock the product concerned. Promotional planning, booking and management contacts as well as photos and flyers supply further background information for those interested, e.g. promoters.


The "Latest Release"- and "Most Wanted"-charts on the left give you the possibility to follow developments on the REBEAT Digital Artist Camp: While the "Latest Release" list displays all newly released products, the "Most Wanted" list features the most popular titles: the more hits a product gets at the REBEAT Digital Artist Camp, the higher it climbs in the charts. To avoid the manipulation of figures, multiple visits from one or the same computer during a day won’t be counted.


Aside from the simple text search engine, products can also be found by advanced search (where you can search for e.g. artist name, genre, label or composer).


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