Introducing the all new REBEAT MES software modules "Matrix" and "Matrix Pro".

16. May 2017

Introducing the all new REBEAT MES software modules "Matrix" and "Matrix Pro". "Matrix" operates as the new central hub for your digital distribution setup in REBEAT MES.


With "Matrix", it is now possible to

  • include or exclude individual digital music services on a country-by-country basis
  • activate or deactivate download and/or streaming availability in all digital music services that support this type of flexibility
  • set individual release dates per store and territory
  • select different price tiers per download store and territory


And the all new "Matrix PRO" offers even more flexibility, by enabling you to

  • send your music to, and receive accounting data from, your existing network of aggregators
  • deliver to stores in your own name and based on your own direct agreements
  • add REBEAT’s existing deals with stores to your distribution setup


Rethink your idea of what digital music distribution can do—with REBEAT's all new "Matrix" and "Matrix Pro". Module The Matrix




New #1: Pizzera & Jaus

22. September 2016

The Austrian charts "Austria Top 40" have a new number one hit—Jedermann by "Pizzera & Jaus" managed to reach the top of the charts. REBEAT Digital congratulates them on this incredible success.

If you want to check it out, click the link above.

REBEAT forum online now

06. April 2016

The official support lines and social media profiles of REBEAT are an important means of communication—but we'd love to hear so much more from you! In this light and to spark conversation and discussion both among REBEAT users and between you and the REBEAT team, we now introduce the new REBEAT forum!

This is the place to ask questions, share your experience with other REBEAT users, discuss about the music business in general and submit feedback and suggestions to the REBEAT team. We'd be thrilled for you to become part of a thriving community of REBEAT users and music lovers. Registration is easy: simply visit Forum, create your user name and password and sign up to share your thoughts. Guidelines? Not really.We all like to be in a creative and constructive environment, so please don't troll and don't feed the trolls—that's about it really.

We are excited to hear from you and look forward to many interesting discussions on the new REBEAT forum! And of course, we remain available for you through

Rebeat Digital: New label-software bundles all administrative work

15. February 2016

"Rebeat wants to sell you the whole enchilada" The first Music Enterprise Software is out now and gives you the oppertunity to manage all your administrative work in one system. Take a look what the press says about it:

Digital Music News



Seiler und Speer #1

27. November 2015

The Austrian charts „Austria Top 40“ have a new number one hit and this time it is really made in Austria. The song "Ham Kummst" by successful duo „Seiler und Speer“ managed to overtake Adele’s „Hello“ and is now in the pole position.


REBEAT Digital congratulates them on this incredible success and is looking forward to keep working with Seiler and Speer in the future.

Amazon Prime Music in Germany

05. November 2015

After its launch in the USA and Great Britain, Amazon’s music streaming service is now available for Prime customers in Germany and Austria as well.

REBEAT Digital is proud to announce that we are one of the two only distributors (apart from the three major labels) to provide content for Prime Music in Germany and Austria.

REBEAT is YouTube API certified!

30. April 2015

We are happy to announce that REBEAT Digital is now one of the first YouTube API certified companies worldwide!

This certification enables us to raise the degree of automation of content management and accounting, which in turn means more efficiency for our partners!

REBEAT Cloud upgraded

02. April 2015

In the course of expansion work, the REBEAT datacenter “REBEAT Cloud” has been upgraded to 500 Terrabyte capacity.
This necessary measure doesn’t only allow us to be future-proof, but also offers an increased security factor.

Keep the uploads coming!

This year’s Song Contest representatives

16. March 2015

After Conchita Wurst’s incredible performance and victory at last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, REBEAT Digital is happy to announce that we are once again responsible for distributing this year’s Austrian contestants.
The rock formation “The Makemakes” will participate in the contest on May 23rd for Austria with their song “I am Yours”.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed and wish them luck for their performance.

For those of you who haven’t heard the song yet, and those who just can’t get enough of it, here is the link to the video: The Makemakes

REBEAT Digital takes over Preiser Records

05. January 2015

REBEAT Digital is happy to announce that we’re taking over one of the most traditional Austrian classic labels. We are looking forward to be able to digitally represent this big name in the Austrian classic business.




REBEAT goes America - REBEAT Digital opens branch office in the US!

15. October 2014

REBEAT Digital keeps expanding!


In order to be able to locally tend to the increasing demand on the US market, REBEAT Digital has founded a branch office in the US! Further developments relating to this event are the even closer cooperation with our American shop partners (iTunes, Beats, Amazon US) and the adjustment of displaying the prices in US dollars on the website.

New module: Subaccounting

06. October 2014

After introducing the REBEAT Digital Modular system, we are happy to present our first additional module for the REBEAT Business Version: Subaccounting.
The module Subaccounting enables REBEAT users to take over the individual accounting from third party labels for sales made through REBEAT digital distribution.
Each sublabel will receive their accounting with a customized layout and directly from your company. This enables REBEAT users to appear as an independent Royalty Accounting Service to third party labels - an innovative solution to expand your own service significantly and access new revenue sources on the market.

Detailed information on Subaccounting and how to get it can be found here: Module Subaccounting

Chonchita Wurst - Songcontest Winner 2014

10. May 2014

Chonchita Wurst - Songcontest Winner 2014

Congratulations, Conchita Wurst!


REBEAT Digital joins in the countless congratulations to the winner of the 59th Eurovision Song Contest—Conchita Wurst. After a long while, with Conchita Wurst Austria has finally conquered the competition once again.

REBEAT Digital, together with ORF Enterprise, is proud to distribute the “Rise like a Phoenix” power ballad, by the great Conchita Wurst. For the first time, ORF has decided against working with a major label and is meeting the challenge of operating as a label, and distributing the winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest through REBEAT Digital. This goes to show how distribution companies are gaining increasing relevance in the music industry.

All of Europe is now cheering Conchita Wurst, who can now get elected, rather easily even, as the Queen of Europe. For her newfound success, REBEAT Digital once again sends its most heartfelt congratulations.



Classical Suite Released

09. October 2013

REBEAT Digital solves the classical music metadata problem with classical suite.


We introduce our Classical Suite, a new product designed to solve one of the largest music metadata challenges facing the industry: classical music files. The product allows users to search an extensive database of classical music metadata and autocorrect data (based on a phonetic search) in the Artist, Lyricist, Composer, and Conductor fields so it is compatible with the standards of online music retailers.

“Classical music metadata is much more complicated than that of traditional pop music on nearly every field of data,” said Guenter Loibl, CEO of Rebeat Digital. “For the composer alone, think of the number of variations for Bach, or of the dozens of ways to spell Tchaikovsky, yet iTunes will only accept one. If it’s incorrect, the title will be rejected, which negatively impacts the plans for the release. The Rebeat Classical Suite ensures that your files will always match up with the industry standard so they will be accepted by every digital music service and organized correctly so listeners can find and buy them.”


Users can add new entries to the Classical Suite database in all four fields, which will be checked and validated every three months.

REBEAT at Billboard Magazine

06. August 2013

We are happy to announce that the REBEAT Business Edition is featured prominently on the start page of the leading US music industry publication – the renowned Billboard Magazine!


Read the full article on

You can find more information about the features of REBEAT Business Edition at our Business Solution section.

For further information, please feel free to contact us:

REBEAT offers Disc on Demand for Amazon

17. April 2013


As the name suggests, Disc on Demand is a service that offers the on-demand manufacturing of a physical CD.

Contrary to the sales of a traditional CD, a Disc on Demand CD will only be manufactured upon the customer's purchase order. For REBEAT users this means no upfront manufacturing costs and no warehousing when selling CDs at Amazon! This does not affect the availability of your standard physical CD release on Amazon!

Every product distributed by REBEAT is now available as Disc on Demand on

Currently, Amazon Disc on Demand is available on (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Availability in the US store will be possible in the near future.



BUSINESS Version: Window Marketing (Streaming Delay)

18. October 2012

With REBEAT Digital Business releases can be fixed for a later point in time in all streaming stores then those in download stores.


We are happy to inform you about the latest update of the REBEAT Digital BUSINESS version. We just included a new function: Window Marketing.

Window Marketing allows all REBEAT Digital BUSINESS software users a delayed release of their products in all of our connected streaming portals. In case you have such promotion plans for a new release use the Window Marketing to activate delayed delivery to streaming stores for releasing the product there just few weeks after it has been released in all download stores. You can choose delays of 4, 8, 12 or 16 weeks.

This is an exclusive and free additional function for REBEAT Digital BUSINESS users only.

For questions concerning the REBEAT Digital BUSINESS version or any of its functions please contact our support team under

Enjoy the new possibilities,
REBEAT Digital. Business.

BUSINESS Version: Choose proper price levels for your products

24. September 2012

As of now all REBEAT Digital Business clients got the possibility to choose between several price levels for their products.

We would like to indicate that REBEAT Digital got no influence on the finale sales price in the stores – but what we can do is to deliver your products based on different price levels.


These are the levels you can choose

Front Plus

"Budget" describes the lowest starting position while “Front Plus” means the highest level which can be added to a product before we deliver it to all of REBEAT Digital’s connected stores. “Normal” specifies the common and average sales prices.

Furthermore we cannot give you a concrete value of the above mentioned “price tiers” because on the one hand the stores affect the final sales prices on their own and on the other hand final sales prices always vary from store to store.

So as a REBEAT Digital Business client you are now able to appoint a particular price level but not the final and fixed sales price.

Not all of the stores accept price level settings on the part of music distributors – but most of our connected stores do.

Please find more information as well as details concerning price tiers in the REBEAT Digital manual (chapter 3.3.9).

We would like to mention again that the price tier function is available for REBEAT Digital Business clients only.Enjoy the advanced facilities of REBEAT Digital Business.

REBEAT Digital. Business.

REBEAT Digital BUSINESS: Release of a revolutionary royalty accounting method!

16. Juli 2012

From today on REBEAT Digital Business is available! A revolutionary royalty accounting tool which has been developed by REBEAT Digital to handle a label's royalty accounting process with only one click of a mouse!


REBEAT Digital Business (=Royalty Accounting Tool):
Saves time and costs on a high security level!

REBEAT Digital today introduces a Business package - additionally to the well-known REBEAT Digital Standard software REBEAT Digital Business represents a solution for labels which allows them individually accounting of producers, authors, artists and all other persons involved in music works - with just one click of a mouse. Data of contractual partners need to be stored only one single time and can be also imported from existing files. Having done this the label will be able to execute its whole royalty accounting with one click of a mouse in desired time intervals. Even the label layout-design for created statements can be customized. Enjoy a preview of REBEAT Digital Business here!
Click me to learn more!


Advantages united

  • More time and money for music: REBEAT Digital Business version means savings of time and costs
  • Security: All royalty data, contractual conditions and rights holder details are stored on the labels’ local hard drive – not even REBEAT Digital can access the data. In case the label wishes for a backup on the REBEAT Digital server they need to send a decided request – data will be stored encrypted – only the label got access via its own defined password;
  • Free Upload: REBEAT Digital Business clients do not have to pay any upload fees;
  • Integration: Seamless integration with the REBEAT Digital music distribution software brings together digital music distribution and royalty accounting in one ecosystem;
  • 100 % transparency: Timeline overview, graphics and statistics provide insight into sales data and royalties for every single unit sold (download & streams);
  • Identity: For each contractual partner the label defines contractual conditions – these conditions are the basis for the royalty accounting in the REBEAT Digital Business version. Existing contracts can be copied for other products;
  • Competitive: The Business package handles royalty accounting processes for 499,- Euros a year.



The Business version can be installed on WINDOWS only – the royalty accounting tool is not yet available for MAC.

Existing user of REBEAT Digital Standard

can easily upgrade their account to REBEAT Digital Business:

Non-user of REBEAT Digital Standard

can get the Standard version of REBEAT Digital + Business version on our registration site . REBEAT Digital Business is an additional service to REBEAT Digital Standard (music distribution software) - therefore you can buy it only in combination with the Standard version. So in case you are not already using REBEAT Digital please download REBEAT Digital Standard (=full version) on our registration site first. As soon as the registration process has been finished, REBEAT Digital has received your contract and your account has been cleared, the Business version can be acquired as described above. (see "Existing clients of REBEAT Digital")

REBEAT Digital always relied on software based solutions – the fact that the company has always been the only one worldwide in digital music distribution which abandoned from web based solutions is, indeed, the only reason what makes this high security level possible - represented in local storage of label key data.

Download REBEAT Digital MAC Release Candidate now!

26. June 2012

Today we got news for all friends of the apple with the missing bite: a new Release Candidate of the REBEAT Digital MAC version is available! From now on you can work on it and therefore we would like to present you relevant information:


  • All functions which have been restricted to the Windows version can be now also executed in the Mac version (Territory Management, Dashboard, ...)
  • The Dashboard has been adapted and is now even better arranged then it was before in the Windows version!
  • This is a Release Candidate which runs stable – we are still happy receiving your requests and desires concerning the Mac version and we are looking for your concerns under:


Necessary information for installing your new Mac version of REBEAT Digital:

The existing file store of the previous version is not compatible!

Please pay attention to the following instructions and execute them step by step

  1. Before starting your REBEAT Digital software please delete the existing file store – while doing this the REBEAT Digital software must be closed!
  2. After deleting your file store please restart the software
  3. Follow the instructions of the pop-up and download the Mac version of software to your computer
  4. Overwrite the previous version—YES
  5. REBEAT Digital software is starting…
  6. Last but not least synchronise your version and download all products from the server
  7. That’s it – have fun with the new Mac version of the REBEAT Digital software

Brand new REBEAT Digital software is on its way!

31. May 2012

The release of an uprecedented software solution for digital music distribution including innovative possibilties is coming very soon!

Release in summer 2012! Especially labels which have been struggeling with their artist accounting and invested too much time and money should not miss it!


Soon REBEAT Digital presents their new version of innovative music distribution—Stay tuned...

As of now: New tools available!

19. April 2012

We are glad to inform you that we just implemented 2 new features in the REBEAT Digital software. The new tools are available for both Windows and Mac users—from now on!


Feature #1
Exclusive Releases What a great day for friends of electronic music! From now on you can manage exclusive releases on BEATPORT or JUNODownload via the REBEAT Digital software. Easy to handle and with just a few mouse clicks you can choose track wise for 2, 4 or 8 weeks exclusivity on Beatport or JunoDownload.

Feature #2
Territory Management In principal REBEAT Digital exports all uploaded tracks worldwide. In case you don’t want that due to legal causes or other reasons you can choose in which territories of the world the track should be available. Useful, easy and most notable: for free!

You can find the Territory Management in your rider “product data” If you click on the world map the territory management for choosing certain countries will open (WW=worldwide) Click on the + to open further menu items.

If you do not choose anything in the territory management the tracks will be exported worldwide as usual. This tool displays an additional option but you do not even have to open or use it for worldwide releases.

Hopefully REBEAT Digital seasoned releasing music by implementing these possibilities! Have fun with the new tools and we wish you great success in the digital world of music!

Greetings from the entire team of REBEAT Digital.

Website Relaunch! This is the new!

11. January 2012

At the beginning of 2012 REBEAT Digital proudly presents the relaunch of their brandnew website. Welcome to the world of REBEAT Digital - spread and sell your music!


REBEAT Digital proudly announces the relaunch of! It supplies information about the REBEAT Digital software, costs, online music stores as well as possible marketing strategies for the uploaded products.

Enjoy! A happy and successfull 2012 to all of you!

The entire team of REBEAT Digital.



REBEAT Digital on MAC OS X LION 10.7

26. July 2012

Due to the incompatibility of the new MAC operation system OS X 10.7 LION and your REBEAT Digital software we would like to suggest a temporary workaround which assures full operational reliability of the software. REBEAT Digital intensively works on clearing the existing incompatibility.


Due to the incompatibility of the new MAC operation system OS X 10.7 LION and your REBEAT Digital software we would like to suggest a temporary workaround which assures full operational reliability of the software. REBEAT Digital intensively works on clearing the existing incompatibility.

Workaround for running the REBEAT Digital software on MAC OS X 10.7 LION

Very important

If you have already clicked the checkmark for "Save password" in the login window of your REBEAT Digital software, it is essential that you start at step 7!!

  1. Make sure your Mac is connected with the internet.
  2. Start the REBEAT Digital software.
  3. Login screen will be opened. Fill in your login data and click the checkmark for saving your login data. Click the login button.
  4. Software freezes after a few seconds.
  5. Click Command+Alt+Esc keys on your keyboard at the same time.
  6. "Force Quit Applications" will be opened. Select REBEAT Digital software and click “Force Quit”.
  7. Disconnect your Mac from the internet.
  8. Start the REBEAT Digital software.
  9. Login screen will be opened with saved log-in data. Click the login button.
  10. Reconnect your Mac to the internet.
  11. REBEAT Digital software runs now perfectly—all functions can be operated.

REBEAT Digital in cooperation with YouTube

12. May 2012

Within the next six months REBEAT Digital is implementing the YouTube Content ID System which means REBEAT Digital user soon will be able to earn money with their tracks on YouTube.


In 2011 REBEAT Digital implemented the YouTube Content ID System which means that REBEAT Digital user are able to earn money with their tracks on YouTube. The content system scans the whole YouTube catalogue for tracks of REBEAT Digital users. If there is a match YouTube will place ads in it and the REBEAT Digital user gets the share of 85 % of paid-off advertising revenues.

It is based on the Google AdWords System how much a REBEAT Digital user definitely earns with YouTube.

By the time REBEAT Digital claimed a video with your content you will see a short notice in your YouTube account which says: “REBEAT Digital is claiming your content.” That just means that we are handling the distribution rights for you. So you don’t have to mind about that.

Due to nonexistent contracts between Google and the collecting societies of many countries, earning money with YouTube only works in the following countries so far (unfortunately not yet in Austria and Germany)


  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Italy
  • France
  • Canada
  • Poland
  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Czech Republic
  • Israel
  • Argentina
  • Japan


It is based on the Google AdWords System how much a REBEAT Digital User definitely earns with YouTube.

For further information on the Google AdWords System click here . Everyone who'd like to know more about the YouTube ContentID system - here we go!

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