Artist Accounting

A royalty accounting system does not have to be expensive!
With the rise of online streaming services and the growing importance of YouTube as a revenue source, the volume of available reporting data has increased considerably over the last few years. As a result, data management and royalty accounting for digital music sales have become a growing challenge for many record labels in the industry. REBEAT is the first company to tackle this challenge with a fully integrated digital distribution and royalty software.

The all new REBEAT Music Enterprise Software is a professional tool for contract management and payment of royalties. It enables labels, publishers and catalog owners to manage the royalty accounting for their entire lineup of artists while also factoring in individual agreements with each one—in just three quick clicks.


Save time and money while enjoying a high level of security!

REBEAT Artist Accounting-Highlights

Variable Payment Terms
Just like every personality is different, the terms of an agreement can vary too, especially with regards to royalty accounting. With REBEAT‘s Artist Accounting software you can factor in different percentage splits for sales in the various geographical markets, or you can define a minimum threshold for each artist’s share of the royalties. Artist Accounting gives you unlimited flexibility in managing your various contractual agreements.

Data Backup
Invaluable accounting data such as contractual partners, contract terms, and statement history wont't get lost, as all data is securly stored on the REBEAT server. This way there's no need for your own server, or for a data backup.

Our royalty accounting software provides a detailed analysis of all of your sales’ trends. Reports will help you identify trends among your artists and plan your marketing campaigns accordingly, and our list of top ten selling artists can help you allocate your marketing budget to the most promising areas.

Import Your Contractual Partners
Artist Accounting’s main functionality is to help distribute revenue to your various contractual partners—such as your artists—through the payment of royalties. Instead of wasting your time on the tedious task of manually adding your partners to the system one by one, with Artist Accounting’s import wizard you can easily import a list of your partners from various sources, such as Microsoft Outlook contacts.

Statement Designer
Design your statements so that they meet your professional requirements. Add your logo and relevant payment information and highlight your contact details. Give every statement a personal touch.

Email Statements
With just one click you can send a pdf statement from any of your businesses’ email accounts to your contractual partner, which can also include a detailed accounting report. You can also create template emails in each artist’s preferred language.

Step-By-Step guide to the REBEAT Artist Accounting platform

Steps 1 and 2 cover the initial setup process which is required only when creating a new entry for a partner or a track.

1. Adding Partners
Contractual partners are the artists to which you pay out royalties. You can choose to create new entries manually, or import contacts using a csv file exported from your address book (e.g. Microsoft Outlook).

2. Creating Contracts
Artist Accounting allows for plenty of space to enter all of your individual agreements: Create an individual contract for each partner with adjustable royalty shares, floors & caps, geographical settings and other contract terms. These contracts will apply to all that artist’s tracks you distribute via the REBEAT platform.

3. Accounting
Trust, but verify: Preview the statement before sending it out to your artists.

4. Send Statements
Ready, set, go! With one click you can email the final statements to all partners you select.



The only thing you have to worry about now is what to do with all your newly saved time!

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