Music Enterprise Software

now available!

MES (Music Enterprise Software) is a central content management system through which labels can manage each and every administrative step in their master recording release chain.

It is the first and only service worldwide to combine digital distribution with a full-fledged royalty accounting service—at a highly attractive price point!

Why MES?
The current industry setup of separate systems for distribution and royalty accounting is highly expensive and creates a lot of hassle with data management. With REBEAT MES, accounting your revenues to your artists becomes a matter of only a few mouse clicks.

All of the tedious tasks from metadata management to the import of sales reports and royalty accounting to artists are bundled into one single piece of software. REBEAT MES can be operated with a minimum of time and manpower to help you free resources for those tasks that actually matter to you.


REBEAT MES includes

  • Fully automated data management in one single central label database
  • Fully automated royalty accounting and reporting to artists
  • Accounting of US mechanical royalties
  • Accounting of YouTube Royalties


Optional add-on modules include

  • Subaccounting
  • Flat Fee (Upload, Update, Takedown, Statements included)
  • Additional modules coming soon!

Key features of the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software

Keep 85% of Your Music Revenue
when distributing via REBEAT Digital. Direct agreements with all digital music stores guarantee higher revenues. Payouts occur monthly.

Sales Dashboard
Get daily sales graphs of your music revenue and filter data by date, country, store, track, album, artist or label. Easily export all sales data into a csv file.

Artist Dashboard
The Artist Dashboard shows your contractual partner their Daily Sales in the web browser. Of course your contractual partner will only be shown the tracks that you have selected for their contract. Then you simply set up individual login data for every artist, so they can always access and follow their own sales data.

Artist Accounting
Manage royalty accounting for each of your artists while factoring in varying contractual agreements for individual tracks. Click for more information about the Artist Accounting feature.

Data Export
Export the metadata of your products in the REBEAT database to a csv file.

Additional Modules
Expand your business with additional useful Modules in the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software and maximize your service for yourself and your contractual partners.



Benefits at a Glance

  • No more fragmentation
  • One single central label database
  • Maximum flexibility in digital distribution
  • User-optimized software solution
  • Significant reduction of costs and time invested
  • Can be operated by one single person
  • Effortless handling of data and tasks
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