Frequently Asked Questions

REBEAT Digital’s software allows anyone to sell his or her music digitally in the international music market. With the software’s powerful controls you get comprehensive control of your sales.

It couldn’t be any simpler: register at, install the software, send us the agreement and you’re all ready to go! With just a few clicks of the mouse you will be able to upload your music onto REBEAT’s Digital server. REBEAT Digital will then send your music to all relevant music stores around the world, including market leaders such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Simfy, Musicload, Beatport, JunoDownload, emusic and many more.

"Give me a reason to love you!"

Important Facts about REBEAT Digital
• Software based digital music distribution solution
• Lists all relevant affiliated online music stores and media partners worldwide (such as iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, emusic and YouTube, among others)
• REBEAT Digital saves time and money by supplying the stores directly!
• 85% pay-out of sales revenue
• Automatic pay-outs
• High level of transparency for all financial charges, speedy and secure
• Lifetime access to sales figures, including geographical sales data, even if you are no longer a REBEAT customer
• Feel free: REBEAT Digital requires track exclusivity only—we do not require artist or label exclusivity, so you can distribute your other tracks with any other service
• Your music will be in online stores within just a few days
• Your membership includes delivery to all affiliated stores, including stores that will be added in the future
• REBEAT Digital retains the digital distribution rights only—Your music belongs to you!
• No recurring fees
• Terminate your REBEAT Digital contract any time you wish
• Free Customer Support
• Media Promotion Service—Get added to our music database accessed by TV and radio producers around the world, at no charge!

REBEAT Music Enterprise Software helps you create products (albums, EPs or singles), input their metadata and upload the data in WAV or AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) files. As soon as all data has been entered, the finished product can be uploaded onto the REBEAT Digital server with a single click! The data is then automatically encoded, formatted and exported to our sales partners worldwide.

REBEAT Digital will then handle all sales related activity, while also facilitating all royalty payments.

Monthly statements and detailed sales figures can be monitored directly using REBEAT Digital to ensure that you are completely up-to-date on the distribution of your music.

The REBEAT Music Enterprise Software is available for a one-time payment of 149,– EUR.
This one-time payment guarantees lifetime access to the software. And you don’t need to worry about any additional costs—at REBEAT Digital there are no hidden monthly or annual charges. All REBEAT Music Enterprise Software updates are automatic and also free of charge.

Upload fees
A one-time 1,– EUR fee is applied for every track you upload to the REBEAT servers. Since REBEAT Digital is continually adding new online music store partners, this upload fee simply ensures that your music can be properly encoded for any of our new stores and reach even more platforms on the global digital music market.

EAN (UPC) and ISRC Codes
Any product offered for sale (album, EP or single) requires a barcode (EAN/UPC), with individual tracks also labelled using an ISRC number, in order to be identified and accounted for. These codes can also be purchased through the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software and can be used for any physical version of the digital release, as well. These charges are one-time fees per product/track.

EAN (UPC): 5,– EUR

REBEAT Digital supplies all popular and relevant online music stores worldwide, such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Beatport, Nokia, Deezer. Please take a look to our full list of stores.

REBEAT Digital usually exports music within 48 hours, after being encoded into the proper format.

The tracks are then made available in all of our online-store partners around the world between 3 and 30 days after delivery by REBEAT.

This varies based on the different, and often intricate, verification processes used by each store (all data, graphics and content have to be approved, and other similar checks).

Where can I find up-to-date information about my tracks' sales?
Click on Accounting in the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software's menu. Here you will find your own sales figures, which are updated once the stores deliver their sales reports. Most stores provide this data on a monthly basis.

The REBEAT Digital Dashboard
The Accounting section also contains the Dashboard, where you can check out your sales numbers and even view individual sales up to the zip code! A comprehensive filtering system makes it dramatically simpler for users with extensive catalogues of music to stay on top of things. The Dashboard is also where you will find daily sales numbers from iTunes, Beatport, emusic and others.

REBEAT Digital provides monthly statements, after REBEAT’S 15% share has been deducted, along with any relevant copyright charges. There is a minimum pay-out threshold of 50,– EUR (after deductions) before funds are paid out.

Please note that it can sometimes take several months before the first payment from the various online stores reach REBEAT Digital. Delays are known to occur.

How much sales can I expect from a single track?
Unlike many other providers, REBEAT Digital supplies the online music stores directly. There are therefore no additional middleman costs. This translates into a 20–50% increase in revenue for our users!

This means a 20–50% increase in revenue for the user!

The actual price charged for each song depends on things such as the individual online music store’s business model, market rates, points-of-sale and geographically varied royalties. For this reason, we cannot estimate earnings for one track.

(Royalty figures in the examples represent the minimum amount)

example example Various online music store business models
• Full track downloads (e.g. iTunes)
• Subscription Model (e.g. Napster)
• Streaming (e.g. Spotify)

Full track downloads
Under this model a track’s projected wholesale price (the portion that REBEAT Digital collects from the online music stores) is between 0.40 EUR and 0.70 EUR.

Subscription model
Under this model, revenue is calculated e.g. by dividing the subscription fees by the number of tracks downloaded.

So a popular track receives a higher percentage of the sales than one with only numerous downloads. As a general rule, revenues from subscription-based stores tend to be around one-tenth of a Euro cent for each track sold. However, most subscription-based stores only allow for tracks to be played on a user’s computer, not burned to a CD or exported onto mp3 players, which results in more streams for each track.

Stream services
are naturally less likely than Download-based ones to generate income. However, payment for downloads is made only once by each user, while earnings are generated every time a track is streamed. This can end up making a large financial difference, so do not neglect this underrated part of the music business.

With streaming services the end user has several service plan options, such as:

• Free Model (End Users listen for free, and are monetized by ads)
• Unlimited model (Basic features for a nominal fee—no advertising)
• Premium model (Fixed monthly price, full use of all features, no advertising)

Pay-out figures can vary according to the streaming user’s chosen model. For this reason, estimated pay-out information cannot be given.

Only the digital distribution rights for each track (meaning track exclusivity) together with any origins compliance essential to the digital distribution.

REBEAT Digital is not a record label, but a distributor. All other rights (copyright, master rights) remain property of the musician/producer/label.

You retain 100% ownership of your copyrights!

Most of the stores in Europe pay these fees to the various societies for musical performance and mechanical reproduction rights directly. In some markets, such as the USA, stores do not process mechanical royalties at all. It is instead the responsibility of each label/musician/producer to ensure that these royalties are properly collected. It is, however, practically impossible for one person to cover this worldwide. Although it may be tempting to treat this subject lightly, sooner or later there’s a good chance you may end up getting a costly surprise. Authors can exercise their rights at any time!

For REBEAT Digital customers, we will collect these royalties for you all over the world!

REBEAT Digital and our partners will make sure that in any market in which stores do not pay-out mechanical royalties, your earnings are properly collected.

If you are not personally a member of a mechanical royalties society, it only means that you will not receive the mechanical royalties from the worldwide sales of your music. This doesn’t in any way mean that you can’t distribute your music using the REBEAT Digital software and earn income from other channels.

In order to use REBEAT Digital you must own a credit/debit card with your name on it, even if you have purchased the software package using other means of payment. This is needed for the following reasons:

Our users worldwide can only be accurately verified via their credit card.

Storage fees, EAN/UPC and ISRC codes/
The storage fee plus any costs for EAN/UPC or ISRC codes can be automatically (and securely!) paid using the user’s credit card.

No unnecessary hold ups
Only when using a credit/debit card are you guaranteed immediate use of any code (EAN/UPC etc.). Users of, for example, a Maestro bank card, must have their bank details verified before transfer of the code can be completed. This can often be a lengthy process, and can lead to delays in digital publication for both labels and artists.

No credit/debit card?
Many REBEAT Digital customers now use “pre-paid” credit cards, which are more readily available than a standard credit card. All a pre-paid credit card is, is a credit card with actual credit (in the same way a pre-paid mobile phone works). You simply charge the pre-paid credit card with funds, which you can then use at any time. This prevents you from overdrawing your account.

In the case of platforms such as Bandcamp, you can! Bandcamp is not a music store like iTunes and others, but rather a platform where any artist can create a microsite with albums that they have uploaded themselves. Thus REBEAT Digital would never export music to Bandcamp.

What about my own website? Yes you can sell your music on your own website, because track exclusivity only applies to the stores to whom we distribute.

YouTube, MySpace, Facebook
How about uploading to YouTube, MySpace and Facebook—is that ok? As long as you only allow streaming of a track and do not allow free downloads of songs, there is no restriction on putting your tracks on MySpace, YouTube, Facebook etc., or on your own website.

REBEAT Digital actually recommends that its users adopt various forms of social marketing, as it can really have a positive effect on sales figures!

No. As a result of the significantly declining sales of CDs, we are reducing our physical distribution product line-up. REBEAT Digital’s focus is now on the distribution of digital music.

Yes, many market leaders have already recognized the advantages of using REBEAT’s software based solutions, and have decided to use our services for their music distribution and royalty accounting. But they have not publicized this because of the competitive advantage they gain when using REBEAT, mostly as a result of our Artist Accounting solution. Our customers do not wish to let their competitors know how simple and inexpensive the distribution of music can actually be.

We would love to show off our customers, as other music distribution companies often do, but we respect their wishes not to be named.


You can find further information and FAQs at the REBEAT Digital Support section and in our REBEAT Digital manual.

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