At REBEAT Digital cost transparency is key!

Please find an overall view about all particular costs of the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software. All fees are one-time only payments, since there are no hidden monthly or annual charges. All costs are therefore plain to see for every customer:

One-time setup fee: 149,– EUR
This includes:

  • Artist Accounting
  • Mechanical Royalties Accounting
  • REBEAT Music Enterprise Software, complete with regular updates
  • Delivery to all online music stores (automatic delivery to any new stores)
  • Monthly statements and automatic profit pay-outs
  • Free support

Upload fee: 1,– EUR per track
Tracks will remain in the stores until the user implements a "take down" (removal of a track from the stores). It doesn’t matter how long the track is. Uploading a single with three songs to all stores would cost 3,– EUR.

Optional EAN 5,– EUR and ISRC code 1,– EUR
EAN and ISRC codes can be transferred from the physical release onto the digital version, and can then be used online. Should one require further codes, then the software can provide them quickly and easily.

Optional accounting statement: 3,– EUR per statement
The REBEAT Music Enterprise Software gives the user the opportunity to use the artist accounting to account directly to your artists via the software. During this process the system creates one statement per artist.


How much can I expect from a single track sale?
The commision rate for REBEAT Digital is 15% of the sales. Unlike many other providers REBEAT Digital supplies the online music stores directly. There are therefore no additional middleman costs.

This means a 20–50% increase in revenue for the user!

The actual price per song depends on things such as: the individual online music store’s business model, market rate, point of sale, and relative royalties. As a result it is not possible to provide a lump-sum amount per song.

(the mechanical royalties cited represent the minimum amount)



Please find more information here: Frequently Asked Questions—06.:

Where can I find up-to-date information about my tracks' sales?
Click on Accounting in the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software's menu. Here you will find your own sales figures, which are updated once the stores deliver their sales reports. Most stores provide this data on a monthly basis.

The REBEAT Digital Dashboard
The Accounting section also contains the Dashboard, where you can check out your sales numbers and even view individual sales up to the zip code! A comprehensive filtering system makes it dramatically simpler for users with extensive catalogues of music to stay on top of things. The Dashboard is also where you will find daily sales numbers from iTunes, Beatport, emusic and others.

REBEAT Digital provides monthly statements, after REBEAT’S 15% share has been deducted, along with any relevant copyright charges. There is a minimum pay-out threshold of 50,– EUR (after deductions) before funds are paid out.

Please note that it can sometimes take several months before the first payment from the various online stores reach REBEAT Digital. Delays are known to occur.

How much sales can I expect from a single track?
Unlike many other providers, REBEAT Digital supplies the online music stores directly. There are therefore no additional middleman costs. This translates into a 20–50% increase in revenue for our users!

This means a 20–50% increase in revenue for the user!

The actual price charged for each song depends on things such as the individual online music store’s business model, market rates, points-of-sale and geographically varied royalties. For this reason, we cannot estimate earnings for one track.

(Royalty figures in the examples represent the minimum amount)

example example Various online music store business models
• Full track downloads (e.g. iTunes)
• Subscription Model (e.g. Napster)
• Streaming (e.g. Spotify)

Full track downloads
Under this model a track’s projected wholesale price (the portion that REBEAT Digital collects from the online music stores) is between 0.40 EUR and 0.70 EUR.

Subscription model
Under this model, revenue is calculated e.g. by dividing the subscription fees by the number of tracks downloaded.

So a popular track receives a higher percentage of the sales than one with only numerous downloads. As a general rule, revenues from subscription-based stores tend to be around one-tenth of a Euro cent for each track sold. However, most subscription-based stores only allow for tracks to be played on a user’s computer, not burned to a CD or exported onto mp3 players, which results in more streams for each track.

Stream services
are naturally less likely than Download-based ones to generate income. However, payment for downloads is made only once by each user, while earnings are generated every time a track is streamed. This can end up making a large financial difference, so do not neglect this underrated part of the music business.

With streaming services the end user has several service plan options, such as:

• Free Model (End Users listen for free, and are monetized by ads)
• Unlimited model (Basic features for a nominal fee—no advertising)
• Premium model (Fixed monthly price, full use of all features, no advertising)

Pay-out figures can vary according to the streaming user’s chosen model. For this reason, estimated pay-out information cannot be given.

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