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MES Music Enterprise Software is an all-in-one system for labels, that can either be used as part of our digital music distribution service or as a CMS for direct distribution.

MES lets you to manage every step of your release within one system:

Worldwide Digital Music Distribution

Manage releases with one central CMS and distribute your music worldwide via Rebeat, directly to stores or deliver to your digital distributor. Our distribution service includes YouTube monetization, marketing support and an excellent, personal customer care.

Fully Automated Royalty Accounting

Run your royalty accounting with the same system as your distribution, no data transfer needed! Or import data from distributors and shops directly into the system to add to your accounting process. Set up fully customized revenue splits, minimum thresholds and sub-label schemes. With just a few clicks you integrate sales from physical, merch and tickets as well.

Easy Cost-Center Accounting

Allot costs for marketing, merchandise, concerts, video production and such to a cost center and gain full transparency on your earnings. Create PDF statements with detailed information for your partners.

MES license starts as low as EUR 149,-

Our software license fees start at EUR 149,- and depend on which services and functions you choose. Find detailed pricing information on or simply ask us for an individual offer.

Most Flexible Tool

Enjoy a never-seen-before flexibility! Set up an own distribution strategy for each territory, store and product, choose any distribution partner and customize your CMS with different modules.

Flexible release strategies

Set up an individual release strategy for each product and territory by selecting stores, platforms, distribution partners, release dates, revenue splits and much more.

Free choice of distriution partners

With our MES Music Enterprise Software you are free to choose and combine any distribution partner. Release your music via Rebeat or any other distribution partner or deliver directly to stores you have a contract with.

Powerful extention modules

Customize your MES Music Enterprise Software with the services you need. We offer a variety of extention moduls such as revenue import, subaccounting and even database synchronization.

Test 30 days for free!

Take the opportunity to test the power and flexibility of our MES Music Enterprise Software. Just fill out the form and we will send you a download link and login data valid for 30 days.

We will use your data only to handle your request for a free trial. After the free trial period the login data will no longer be valid and you can uninstall the software from your computer.

    About us

    Rebeat Digital is a digital music distributor for lables and artists. Our powerful Music Enterprise Software MES is integrated in our service or can be used apart of distribution, with Rebeat acting as your infrastructure provider.

    We constantly extend and improve our service, upgrade our software and provide you with excellent, personal support. Try our MES now for 30 days and discover how easy digital music distribution can be.

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