Free Checklist:

How flexible is my distribution set-up?

Answer seven questions to determine how flexible your digital music distribution set-up can handle new market situations. The more YES answers, the more flexible your set-up.


Do you use a professional royalty accounting software? If so, are all your requirements met?
Does your software combine delivery/distribution and royalty accounting in one system?
Can you completely customize the service portfolio you need for complex distribution setups?
Are you able to distribute directly to DSP and aggregators based on own agreements?
Can you select/deselect DSPs, content usage types, release dates, etc. for each country individually?
Is your distributor a preferred partner of iTunes/Apple Music?
Does your distributor cover mechanical royalty payment services for sales in the US?


7-6 YES
7-6 YESCongratulations, your distribution set up looks very flexible. Maybe check if your system covers non-standard services like integration of various revenue streams such as merch and physical or connectivity to data systems like MS-SQL. Just give us a call, if you want to explore what our vast service portfolio has to offer.
5-3 YES
5-3 YESYour set-up is solid, but lacks flexibility. Consider switching to a system that covers both digital distribution and royalty accounting. This helps to streamline the daily work and minimizes avoidable errors. We are happy to demonstrate you the benefits of such an integrated solution, just call us.
2-0 YES
2-0 YESYour set-up is very basic and leaves room for improvement. The risk for errors is rather high and could be easily minimized with a professional music enterprise service. Talk to us about your needs, we are happy to consult you on a flexible and easy to use set-up for your distribution and royalty accounting.