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YouTube Claims

1. Why do I receive a message
like this from YouTube?

Your video apparently contains audio content for which REBEAT Digital owns the digital distribution rights. These rights authorize REBEAT to sell the music on shops like iTunes, Amazon and others. Because REBEAT Digital is a contractual partner of YouTube, the music is also distributed to their service. YouTube scans their video catalogue for the music and sends a message out to those who uploaded a video which includes audio content to which REBEAT Digital owns the distribution rights.

2. What do I do if I received the
above notification from YouTube?

You don't have to do anything—the YouTube message is for your information only. Neither does it mean that your video will be blocked, nor is it a thread of any legal action. And it certainly does not mean that you lose or surrender your copyright if you are the copyright holder of the audio content in question.

3. What happens to my YouTube video?
Once YouTube recognizes that your video contains music for which REBEAT Digital holds the digital distribution rights they will display advertisements in or around the video clip under certain conditions.

4. I am a client of REBEAT Digital and distribute my music
through their service. What does the YouTube notification mean for me?

As a customer of REBEAT Digital you have granted the digital distribution rights for your audio content to REBEAT. Because YouTube is a contractual partner to REBEAT Digital your music is also distributed to YouTube.

5. Is there an advantage in making
my music available on YouTube?

Yes. YouTube has become the biggest "radio station" in the world. YouTube's business model is based on the display of advertisement in or around video clips. A share of the resulting advertisement revenues will be paid out to customers of REBEAT Digital.

6. I am not a customer of REBEAT Digital—why do I still
receive this notification from YouTube?

There are several possibilities for this:

7. Is it possible that my video
will be banned from YouTube?

See question 6 b).

8. My video is not available anymore. Why?
In this case it is likely that your YouTube video contains unlicensed audio content. The rights holder, which is a customer of REBEAT Digital, has banned further use of their music in YouTube videos. In future videos please be careful to only use audio content for which you have cleared all necessary rights.

More information concerning the cooperation between REBEAT and YouTube can be found here.