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Start digital music distribution with Rebeat
Start digital music distribution with Rebeat
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Royalty Accounting with Three Clicks

With the rise of streaming services and the growing importance of YouTube as a revenue stream the amount of reporting data has multiplied over the course of the last years. In this light, data management and accounting of digital sales becomes a growing challenge for many record labels on the market.

REBEAT is the first company to tackle this challenge with a fully integrated digital distribution and accounting system. See review on Billboard.

The all new REBEAT Business Edition is a professional tool for contract management and accounting of digital sales royalties. The new add-on to the successful REBEAT music distribution software enables labels, publishers and catalog owners to process their full artist royalty accounting for each and every artist, based on the individual contractual conditions agreed upon - with three mouse clicks.

Learn more about the Business Edition!

Save time and money while enjoying a high level of security!
REBEAT Digital has always relied on software based solutions. As the only digital music distribution company in the world to move away from web-based solutions, we are able to offer the necessary level of security by using local storage for labels’ valuable data.

Indeed, only three mouse clicks for royalty accounting?

Yes, only three mouse clicks. Really! See it for yourself:

Mouse click 1:
Click “Start Accounting Preview” in the menu Accounting.

Mouse click 2:
Choose the period of accounting and click on the button “Generate Preview”. You can check the data in the accounting preview before sending them to your artists.

Mouse click 3:
Click “Start Accounting”.

Now you are ready to send the accounting data to your artists. That's it.
See? Only three mouse clicks.

Learn more about the REBEAT Artist Accounting!

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