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09. October 2013

Classical Suite Released

REBEAT Digital solves the classical music metadata problem with classical suite.

We introduce our Classical Suite, a new product designed to solve one of the largest music metadata challenges facing the industry: classical music files. The product allows users to search an extensive database of classical music metadata and autocorrect data (based on a phonetic search) in the Artist, Lyricist, Composer, and Conductor fields so it is compatible with the standards of online music retailers.

“Classical music metadata is much more complicated than that of traditional pop music on nearly every field of data,” said Guenter Loibl, CEO of Rebeat Digital. “For the composer alone, think of the number of variations for Bach, or of the dozens of ways to spell Tchaikovsky, yet iTunes will only accept one. If it’s incorrect, the title will be rejected, which negatively impacts the plans for the release. The Rebeat Classical Suite ensures that your files will always match up with the industry standard so they will be accepted by every digital music service and organized correctly so listeners can find and buy them.”

Users can add new entries to the Classical Suite database in all four fields, which will be checked and validated every three months.