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10. May 2014

Chonchita Wurst - Songcontest Winner 2014

Congratulations, Conchita Wurst!

REBEAT Digital joins in the countless congratulations to the winner of the 59th Eurovision Song Contest - Conchita Wurst. After a long while, with Conchita Wurst Austria has finally conquered the competition once again.

REBEAT Digital, together with ORF Enterprise, is proud to distribute the “Rise like a Phoenix” power ballad, by the great Conchita Wurst. For the first time, ORF has decided against working with a major label and is meeting the challenge of operating as a label, and distributing the winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest through REBEAT Digital. This goes to show how distribution companies are gaining increasing relevance in the music industry.

All of Europe is now cheering Conchita Wurst, who can now get elected, rather easily even, as the Queen of Europe. For her newfound success, REBEAT Digital once again sends its most heartfelt congratulations.