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24. September 2012

BUSINESS Version: Choose proper price levels for your products

As of now all REBEAT Digital Business clients got the possibility to choose between several price levels for their products.

We would like to indicate that REBEAT Digital got no influence on the finale sales price in the stores – but what we can do is to deliver your products based on different price levels.

These are the levels you can choose:

Front Plus

Budget” describes the lowest starting position while “Front Plus” means the highest level which can be added to a product before we deliver it to all of REBEAT Digital’s connected stores. “Normal” specifies the common and average sales prices.

Furthermore we cannot give you a concrete value of the above mentioned “price tiers” because on the one hand the stores affect the final sales prices on their own and on the other hand final sales prices always vary from store to store.

So as a REBEAT Digital Business client you are now able to appoint a particular price level but not the final and fixed sales price.

Not all of the stores accept price level settings on the part of music distributors – but most of our connected stores do.

Please find more information as well as details concerning price tiers in the REBEAT Digital manual (chapter 3.3.9).

We would like to mention again that the price tier function is available for REBEAT Digital Business clients only.Enjoy the advanced facilities of REBEAT Digital Business.

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