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Module Subaccounting

Subaccounting is an optional, additional module for the REBEAT Music Enterprise Software. This module enables REBEAT users to take over the individual accounting from third party labels for sales made through REBEAT digital distribution.

As with artist accounting, sub-artists and contract details can be set up easily with just a few mouse clicks. Likewise, the subaccounting process runs on a fully automated basis and can be used for an infinite number of sublabels and artists, on any number of levels. The great thing about it: each sublabel will receive their accounting with a customized layout and directly from your company, without any reference to REBEAT itself.

This enables REBEAT users to appear as an independent Royalty Accounting Service to third party labels—an innovative solution to expand your own service significantly and access new revenue sources on the market.

All advantages at a glance

  • Optional, additional module
  • Intuitive operation and fully automatic royalty accounting
  • Unlimited amount of sublabels/artists and different levels
  • New revenue sources due to enhanced service features for third party labels

Activate Subaccounting in REBEAT Music Enterprise Software via “Extras – Modules”.